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I am curious as to how nursing managers feel about tattoos. I know some people love tattoos and some people hate tattoos. Since nurse managers are in charge of hiring nurses, I am wondering how they... Read More

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    Our facility does not permit tats or piercings on anything but your ears and you are limited to two, at that.

    I agree with the policy.
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    Probably not, but I have one and I love it! I know I'll never be the CEO and I can cover it up easily so.....
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    I am an ADON. I personally find tattoos to be very unprofessional. And the older a person gets, and make no mistake, you will be old a lot longer than you are young (if you are lucky) the more unfortunate they become. I know they are the person preference of the person who has the tattoo. I guess I would just find it hard, on first impression, to trust the life of my child, husband, parent, to a person with "Live Free or Die", or Sponge Bob tattooed on their forearm.
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    If I was a patient, I would wonder if the employee has been drinking or do drugs before coming to work as tattoos are associated with the bar and drug crowd. As a side note, I also find it funny that alot of those employees that have tattoos are always short on money yet they have money to get another tattoo. Go figure.
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    I agree, piercings (other than ears) and tats should be removed/covered and on women look even more unprofessional. This is not an opinion, but rather a fact of society in a professional environment. I also know of hospitals that have nurses that have them, but they are not allowed to be visible , it just happens that the supervisor turns the other cheek. Personally, I have one, but it is totally hidden and I would never share with staff that I have one.
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    Wow....I'm amazed at the amount of bias in these posts. I agree that tattoos should be covered in a professional environment. However, the assumptions of the "bar/drug crowd or the prison crowd" really as me floored. The majority of nurses that I know have at least one tattoo, if not several. All of them keep their covered. I thought many were aware of the artistic expression that currently reigns with tattoos. I have three, one was due to my love for dolphins and represents the swimming with dolphins I have done, another represents family, and lastly, one represents my love for my husband (no not his name). All are hidden and unable to be seen unless I wear a tank top, then one can be seen.
    You might be amazed at how many nurses who take care of your loved ones have one.
    Many other cultures use tattoos to indicate history or tell their story. Not saying we should go around with bones in our noses, but perhaps be aware of cultural elements that even are now present in modern societies.
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    I have a tatoo on each ankle, and a nose stud. I had the nose stud for approx 16 years. Non of these things have kept me from being professional or doing my job. I have been hired as an ADON and DON with these items showing - since I always wear skirts to interviews. I have never been asked to remove my nose ring and would lose a job rather that do it. I am also 50 years old. My tats are 1 and 2 years old respectively. I plan to expand upon the one on my left ankle.

    It is a new world, just as in the past, attire that was once "banned" is now commonplace. My nose ring (stud) is small and most people don't even see it. My tats are personal to me, and I chose the least likely place on my body to wrinkle and age.

    You will see a time when the President of the United States has tats and or piercings. Maybe not in my lifetime, but certainly in our younger nurses lifetimes.

    I have never been into drugs or gangs - one shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. I have two folders FULL of awards for patient excellence - and you would be lucky to have me as your nurse, because I am experienced, have excellent assessment skills, and quite frankly, I ROCK as a nurse. Don't judge a book by it's cover, or you may lose a great employee or boss.

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    Oh shoot.....I wish I would have known about all this BEFORE I got my dead brother's initials tattooed on my ankle!!!!!!

    Crap....and now I can't seem to find the sarcasm icon.
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    Quote from BabyLady
    Our facility does not permit tats or piercings on anything but your ears and you are limited to two, at that...
    Baby, would you clarify what State your facility is in?

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