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Mandatory Inservices

  1. 0 There are a lot of "mandaotry" inservices. I'm trying to track down the actuall rules and regualtions that govern them. i.e. OSHA, CDC, JCAHO,CMS, etc.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Here is another question about them....what can be used as consequences for not attending? We're unionized and there is no language about this.
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    some of the mandatory inservices (in NY anyway) are state mandatedfor employment and some are state mandated for licensure.
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    Same in fla. Domestic Violence and AIDS are mandatory for licensure. I believe the infection control and work environment is OSHA. I don't know that JCAHO requires any mandatory inservices, but they do pay attention to what the state and other regulatory agencies require.