How do you get information out to your staff?

  1. What is the most effective method you have found to inform/get info out to nursing staff? On our unit we use email, staff meetings, huddles and billboards, but still seem to need a better method of communication...
    Does anyone have any ideas, or have a system that works well?
    Thank you!
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  3. by   DPRN
    I create a two page monthly newsletter for my staff. Through out the month, I email myself tidbits of information that I need to tell my staff. These tidbits usually fill the newsletter. I also provide education on new meds, new diagnosis, new processes, etc. Each staff member receives the newsletter in their mailbox so that I know they received it. I also have used the newsletter as proof of them being told since they often might say, "I didn't know that."
  4. by   stephva1008
    I have a weekly email huddle that has about 10 points of interest. I send it out every Friday afternoon and it contains all the info I get throughout the week but condensed into one email and more relevant for the staff. We also have a display monitor in the staff breakroom that runs a powerpoint continuously. I can change that easily to put up slides on staff birthdays, updates to retirement policy, benefits, reminders about unit policy, get togethers, blood drives in the hospital, etc. Easy to change. I also have staff meetings every other month and charge nurse meetings every other month (opposite months). We have education at every staff meeting where the staff themselves take turns presenting on a topic and we have a pre and post test using the Turning Point "clicker" software. The every other month face to face meetings combined with the weekly email "huddles" and the display monitors in the staff break room seem to have hit "the sweet spot" with regards to sharing data.
  5. by   Splash3
    Thank you! I love the display monitor idea!
  6. by   turnforthenurse
    We have monthly staff meetings and billboards/posters. Our staff meeting minutes are e-mailed to us and a more detailed version is posted in this huge 3-ring binder for us to look at. If there are billboards/posters that we need to look at, e-mails are sent out directing our attention and oftentimes we have to sign it to acknowledge that we have looked at it. Finally, things go around by word of mouth lol. It works for us!
  7. by   MatrixRn
    For my group I use email, group huddles, monthly meetings, one to ones and group IM messaging. I also encourage questions from staff to me at anytime.
  8. by   Orca
    It depends upon the topic. For things people can read at their leisure, I use e-mail. Important things that may require discussion and explanation, staff meeting. I also use typed memoranda.
  9. by   K+MgSO4
    email and a monthly newlwtter. Every staff memeber is shown how to use their email when they start.

    They are all adults.............if they cant get it together to read emails or read the newletter then they need to shape up.
  10. by   MrChicagoRN
    Printed huddles, signs, face to face whenever possible.

    I wish all employees had emails, then I'd be sure I definitely reached out to everyone
  11. by   K+MgSO4
    Quote from MrChicagoRN
    Printed huddles, signs, face to face whenever possible.

    I wish all employees had emails, then I'd be sure I definitely reached out to everyone
    Trust me its not the answer to it all. Certain staff members will deny ever seeing the emails.

    I have as part of the welcome meeting in my office this is your email account this is how to access it. This is where I will send important information please check it. Sign here that this has been explained to you.
  12. by   MatrixRn
    Agree with above, I wish I had the time to do face to face with each of my team members, as many will deny seeing an email.

    What I have started to do to combat this is to ask for a reply for the email that I have sent. I tell them that their reply acknowledges that they have read my email.