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I'm the manager of a 20 bed ortho/neuro unit and a 29 bed medical/surgery unit. My questions is what are the productive hours per patient day alotted to various units/hospitals across the nation. We just had consultants come... Read More

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    Patrick, How come it is only @5.83 hours for Nurse manager...I'm sure that you work more than 6 hours a day?

    Just curious!


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    Hours per patient day are calculated for a 24 period regardless of the day. For example, Managers generally work M-F and are budgeted for 8 hours per day, 5 days per week. Rather than change the calculation of per patient day hours for the weekend, I simply calculate the manager's hours as 5.83 for each and every day.

    This means that you take 8.0 hours per day multiply by 5 and divide by 7. This way, you get a break down of manager hours for each day rather than having to adjust your staffing calculation on the weekends.

    It really depends on the manager, but I prefer to do it this way.
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    Thank you, Patrick. I appreciate your explanation. It definitely makes sense, although, I am sure that as a manager, you are working more than 40 hours/week.

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    Quote from mccnrs2b
    Thank you, Patrick. I appreciate your explanation. It definitely makes sense, although, I am sure that as a manager, you are working more than 40 hours/week.

    You are weclome Kris - I hope this helps. And, yes, as a manager, a 40 hour work week would be wonderful.
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    Does anyone have any benchmark data for HPPDs for Progressive Cardiac Units or Telemetry Units?
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    Does anyone have their HPPD for L&D? Also, what formula do you use to calculate a patient day in L&D?

    At our facility, HPPD is hours "worked" only (productive hours). This means if staff is paid, but not working on the unit, their hours are non productive and not included. Staff attending an education class, are non productive.

    They do however include ALL staff.
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    Is their a program to help in calculating Nursing Hours Per Patient Day.
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    There isn't a program per se, since each facility may define hours differently. At our facility we use only "productive" hours. We total all productive hours for the unit, (this includes the director) and divide by the number of patient days. This gives us hours worked per unit of service, or "Nursing Hours Per Patient Day".
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    This is my first post and unfortunately I am answering a question with a question:

    I am well-versed on hppd from my years of management at an acute care facility and then a SNF. Currently I am six months into a director of nursing position at a community-based health clinic. Here we see the walking well, Mon-Fri 8-5, yet staff will be staff, and are always screaming for more help! I am searching for some kind of hppd for our clinic. Our measurable statistic is "encounters" or "visits" with providers. I went to our state organization but found they measure by nursing staff/provider. This makes no sense to me since our nursing productivity should be based on how many patients we actually process through our clinic doors each day.

    Any one out there have any info on hppd for my clinic? We are a large department-I have 80 staff so we're talking lots of $ in salaries.

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    I did not see an answer about staffing according to acuity. Any takers? Do you have the ability to flex up and down?? What if in an ICU or telemtry unit your acuity stays very high?
    What is the tool that you are benchmarking against? Is it something that can be found on line?

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