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Need to vent! :( Yesterday I got an admission from the ED. I paged the admitting physician for orders and one of the orders was for a cardiology consult. It was 5 PM so I paged the cardiologist. He called back and wanted to know... Read More

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    Quote from TiredMD
    When I was an intern, I would called fairly frequently by techs, and the conversation was usually like this:

    Tech: "You need to come see Mr. _____."
    MD: "What's going on with him?"
    Tech: "I don't know, but his nurse said she needs you."
    MD: "Is there an issue?"
    Tech: "Sorry, I don't know, and she's in another patient's room right now so she can't talk to you."

    I go down there, and of course they need a Tylenol order renewed . . . sigh.

    The Maury Show is having one of those "inspiration stories of overcoming adversity" shows. But I only like Maury when he's doing the paternity and lie-detector shows, so I decided to post here instead.

    LOLOL! I'm sorry, had to comment on this. I get so sucked in to those dang paternity lie-detector shows he does! My ex was here Christmas morning and I had it on, he was like "HOW THE HECK CAN YOU WATCH THIS CRAP?!" I have no idea, but I always do!

    Thanks for the laugh!

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