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Im new to this site and have been looking around. I was pretty shocked to read so many nurses saying they would never with a capital N, marry a DR? Are you kidding me? I would love nothing more to fall in love with and marry an... Read More

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    Great Post!! You said it the best!!

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    I wouldn't decline to marry someone because they were a doctor, but (although I am fond of doctors) I wouldn't marry someone only because they were a doctor -- there has to be more to it than that.
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    Um, has the OP worked with doctors yet? It's kinda degrading to think that we, as nurses, are all looking for a "handsome, powerful, wealthy man" to marry. Might have been true in the 50s, but not now. The wealthy part comes much later--they have hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loans to pay back and it takes years. The power part is true to an extent, but so many let that power go to their head. There's a joke that doctors don't have a God complex, God has a doctor complex. That's a fairly accurate statement. True, there are some nice doctors out there but they are few and far between. Besides, they're on-call and have plans delayed or cancelled with emergency situations a lot. I've worked with docs that were very condescending toward the staff, nice to pts, but mean and snap at staff and even their own girlfriend/wife/exwife. I hope this was a joking post.
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    Hey hey hey! what about female doctors? Does some handsome, burly, caring "murse" wanna marry one of them???
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    I don't think I'd marry a doctor. I've met some who were very nice and some who were pains in the neck -- but I don't think they're all arrogant jerks. It's just that I wouldn't want the stress of long hours and frequent nights on call. And I don't want to talk about medical/health care-related topics any more than I absolutely have to.

    Anyway, this whole topic doesn't affect me much -- I married the environmental services guy! ^_^
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    Don't think I would marry a doctor. I didn't become a nurse to snag a doctor. If I happen to meet one that wasn't obnoxious and generally nice then yes. Oh and his student loans were paid off.
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    I have to say no, because I don't think my husband would appreciate it!
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    They say the grass is always greener on the other side..... After being in a 4 year relationship with someone who is almost always home, I would welcome the long hours of a MD. I find myself envying my friends who have spouses who travel or have long hours.
    Also, I don't think there is anything wrong with considering money or financial comfort as part of looking for a mate. I was blinded by love and let the money thing slide... big mistake. To me, there is nothing sexy about a guy who can't get approved to buy a house.

    By the way, I am 30 now and I felt completely different about this at the age of 25.
    I use to be a love over money person; now I am a love AND money person
    Live & learn!
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    Marry someone just because he's an MD? HECK no!

    My family is heavily laced with MDs of various types, lots of attorneys, and some who graduated from both law school and med school. My dad was one of those.

    I live on the same block as four MDs, two dentists, and two PhDs. To quote Garfield the cat, "Big fat hairy deal!" In fact, one of those PhDs is upstairs right now cleaning cat litter pans! Don't get hung up by a bunch
    of initials after someone's name.

    If I had fallen in love with an MD before I married my husband, maybe. But NOT because he was a MD. Because I loved him and we were planning a future together. Our 26th anniversary is less than three weeks away and I feel that same internal rush I felt then, whenever he walks through the door or when I hear his voice.
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    Your husband is RARE! I was involved with an orthopedic surgeon for five years. I'm a very well established executive with a prominent leadership position at a technology firm. I found out just prior to marrying the louse that he was cheating on me with a gold digging nurse who was married and having an extramarital affair with my boyfriend. This lowlife had the nerve to call me and tell me she had been cheating on her husband with my boyfriend and that now that she left her husband, they were going to be married. That woman was nothing but an opportunistic gold digger and I am sure your husband has come across hussies like that in the workplace.

    Fortunately, I know several respectable RNs and doctors so I can recognize this as nothing more than one sleazebag and a gold digging hussy. I attack the individual, not the profession because the truth is, there are bad apples in every field.

    I've since moved on with someone who ironically, is an executive in my industry. But shortly after that awful mess, I vowed never to get involved with a doctor after all of the nonsense he and she put me through. I guess at this point I just hope the Karma bus cruises down their street twice and flattens them both good!

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