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When I graduated nursing school some 20 years ago I made a promise to myself to explore all of nursing and feel satisfied that I have done that. I have specialized in several areas and have done per diems everywhere in the... Read More

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    Too bad these princesses don't use their power to advocate for their patients and fellow nurses as well. That would probably go further.

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    for numerous reasons i suppose. Mostly though, as my mom has always said, the squeaky wheel gets the oil.

    warning: i am about the play devil's advocate for the Princess, please don't hate too hard :-p

    i could argue that perhaps she is the next revolutionist of the laboring fools. perhaps some assignments really are absurd and she is the only one on the unit with the b@lls to complain/advocate. (notice how those words are often interchangeable, depending on when you are the receiving-giving end?)

    perhaps she has a special personal/social relationship with the unit director/charge nurse that allows her to basically get away with this?

    maybe this is her parents' fault for raising her so poorly?

    maybe, if we take the introspective route, you are not jealous, per say, of her Princess-ness, but rather truly hate it (which is okay too!) and this is the universe prodding you to do what no one has (successfully, anyway) to this date do: TELL HER THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE AND UNREASONABLE BEHAVIOR/ATTITUDE AND YOU SIMPLY WON'T TOLERATE IT.

    maybe the charge needs to encourage her to us clinical reasoning/judgement/brain cells/brainstorming and figure the damn solution out on her own.

    sometimes, for reasons no one knows, a boss/charge begrudgingly accepts an overall good nurse with some personality traits/work habits that leave a lot to be desired. it has long ago been accepted that she has limitations that the unit must work around. its sometimes more difficult to fire someone rather than work around them.
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    Thank you for your input.I greatly appreciate your time.My purpose in posting was to examine the balance of power, to see both my own reaction and learn from it. I feel a strength in facing my own weakness. I love nursing and I am at a point I'd like to tell my experience truthfully so where I failed other's may learn.
    This was the first topic I have written and while I know my own story I feel perhaps I did not make it clear. My work in the hospital now is in a teaching capacity. I see Cardiac pt daily and spend a great deal of time with them individually. When they are discharged I see them 3 times a week for 3mths . This perhaps makes clearer why I get to know them so well. Because I work for the cardiology dept I get to see from a distance the dynamics more clearly with nurses within different dept.. At this safer distance I looked back retrospectively to own what was mine,learn from it,then share it.
    And yes I still work along side of a princess but I am more intrigued than anything watching her antics. (A clear indicator old age is setting in )
    What struck me most was the wide gambit of responses from kind,nurturing, problem solvers and a genuine desire to help. Again thank you for your time .
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    To SNB Thank you. Thoughtful.Insightful.I appreciate it.
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    TO SAMADAM8 "Ah, well, this is one of those things in life that goes on everywhere. Just remember to do right and be true to yourself, b/c the BIGGER reality is no one 'wears a crown' forever in this imperfect world. Also "It rains on the just and unjust." And even if it seems to 'chiefly (rain) on the just, because the unjust steal the umbrella of the just,' God sends the winds and gales to blow the umbrella out of the unjust people's hands.

    Everything comes around in due season; therefore, don't trouble yourself about these kinds of folks. The elements of life come down on us all, and the just are more prepared to weather these elements. Thus the "weather" will distill the truth about people in due season."

    Very beautifully expressed and felt.Thank you
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    We've got a couple people that get away with behavior nobody else could get away with. One is super dependable, so even though she has a few PIA qualities, we at least know if she's on the schedule, she'll show up. We've got one that makes EVERYONE crazy, but she knows her stuff so she's still around. I can have hissy fits about other departments when I get frustrated with their laziness. But I know my stuff and people like me, so I'm still around.

    I'm guessing few of us are the PERFECT employee. (People that think they are tend to be REALLY annoying to work with.) So most of us have something that's being tolerated.
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    For the record, I am not a princess.

    I am a Queen.

    ::snirk:: Just kidding.

    My heaven, could you imagine? Please.

    Look, you got to let this stuff roll. Sure, it's exhausting. Energy vampires exist both in and out of the work environment.

    I guess I'm always just too busy doing what has to be done to pay much mind. Their drama is not my issue or concern.

    Up until the moment it endangers/compromises my patients or my patient care. And then they quickly get a deep understanding of where the nickname "pitbull" comes from.

    (No offense to pitbull owners or fans. Lovely dogs, pitbulls. A breed near and dear to my heart. Digress.)

    I have spoken.

    ~~Her Royal Highness, Queen of All Things Random and Obscure, High Proprietress of Frosting and Land Snails, Guardian of Sea Cucumbers Everywhere, Empress of Ninth Order of Orange Fizzy Drinks, Esq.~~
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    The next time that you are alone with ms princess ask her in a neutral voice: so how does it FEEL to manipulate everone and get away with it
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    just be able to identify these people.
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    Quote from echoRNC711
    The princess as I see it is the nurse who is allowed to demand and receive privileges and the staff as a whole panders to it. Specifically, the princess can protest her assignment, demand extra staff and throw an occasional tantrum when she gets upset. This same assignment and staffing ratio has been managed without complaint or problem by other shifts yet when the princess complains it becomes a "justifiable issue that needs immediate correction. "
    90% of the daystaff where I work are princesses.

    We've been referring to them as such for a few years.

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