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I'm a float pool nurse at my hospital so I bounce around, a lot. Wherever they need me, I go. So I'm pretty well known around the hospital, favorably, thank goodness. The past few months, I was... Read More

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    Quote from david clark
    I'm a new RN, but I've been nursing fur 14 years. I recently returned to the Hospital after working in the corrections field. Unfortunately, the hospital is the same, but I've noticed an upswing in the amount of "nurses " watching the nurses on the floor who really do patient care, watch and not-pick. Basically, with the salary of one of these "watchers", the administration could put another two techs on the floor, which wound increase patient satisfaction as well as safety. This is part of the reason new nurses burn out so quickly. They're being critiqued by people who have found a way to manipulate other nurses into doing real patient care, so they can collect a salary, and basically stop nursing. These poor newbies, are belittled so that they work harder and harder.. And that's just what the "watchers" need. My advice: do your best to learn your skills, be an expert. Ignore the critiques, it's a game to keep you jumping higher through rings of fire. Most of the nurses who are managing, can't really do patient care, because they have no people skills.. haven't we all noticed this by now? Most managers, are completely inept at people skills!! That's why they stop doing patient care. Remember that, and don't quit. If you also notice, your patients all LOVE you.. It's the other Nurses who are giving you grief.. Think about that.
    I have worked with supervisors who were inept at nursing skills, but were in good with the higher ups...Hence their job security, but insecurity when they saw good nurses as well as new nurses. I agree, do your job the best to your ability, the nurses who care and your pts who care appreciate YOU. Give out some tough love-draw the boundary line of "I'm here to work, I am going to do my best, bottom line" and continue to let your nursing style speak for itself.

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    OCNRN, I was not attempting to imply that GrnTea's post was frustrated or in anger, but that the actions that lead people to believe Nurse's eat their young is real and it is often caused by frustration and carried out in anger. GrnTea's post is very valid, and I do not see any reason why you would "wager" that background and her experience should be compared to anyone else. That goes without comment. I'm not going to discuss the fact that it appears you are very defensive. Not necessary Im just saying that her post is A)true- we dont need to coddle new nurses, but B) referring back to OP that nurses do eat their young. I've seen it. No one is asking to coddle a new nurse, but to guide him or her instead of scaring them out of the profession.

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