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I have seen venting (normal and appropriate) about problem patients, and sometimes it's enough to make me wonder how anyone can go into the profession. Yes, it's part of what made me decide to focus... Read More

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    What is a good patient? Vented, sedated, orphaned! lol, just kidding.

    For me a good patient is one who is polite and actively participates in their plan of care and really seems to want to get better. One who does not fight me tooth and nail for every intervention. Example: Come back later to assess me, I am too tired to try to walk, I am not using that IS, I need you to wipe my butt even though I have always done that myself.

    I don't mind if you are a little talky, a little needy, a little anxious. I expect that from people who are scared. I do mind if you try to monopolize my time, constantly use your call light to call me in for multiple ridiculous little things which is obviously just a ploy for you to get someone in the room so you can continue to be the center of attention. I also hate the malingerers and the invent a scenario (Chest pain) to try to score more pain meds. Also, if you ever utter the words "I am the sickest person here" You will annoy me and I will reply with: I am sorry did you just say something? I am just not used to having a patient who is well enough to actually talk here in the ICU.
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    OP I think it is sweet that you were concerned with making more work for your nurses. Low sats and trouble breathing sounds pretty darn sick to me and I would have expected you to be extremely anxious as anyone who feels they cannot breath will be. I also think that over an hour for pain meds is not acceptable. I would have called and asked again. Pain medication should be a priority barring an emergency with another patient.

    I think most nurses would agree with me that they do not get annoyed with legitimate needs even if it is for water, extra blanket, snack etc. It is the abusive, manipulative patients (and their families!) who annoy us.
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