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One of my friends, a relatively recent grad, has been working at a hospital for about a year now and hates her co-workers. She complains about how "catty" her co-workers are. One the flip side: One of my aunts has been a nurse... Read More

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    My coworkers are amazing. We can chat not only about work things but our personal lives as well (within reason, of course). I like how we are from different backgrounds, ages, and levels of work experience. It really makes our conversations interesting and brings in multiple perspectives. These people truly make my job more enjoyable.
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    I have worked a lot of places across the country over the years and the best I can hope for is that we work fairly well together and that there are only a few bad apples each night. it varies. unless there are a lot of guys on, I know it will be drama to some degree every where I work. That being said it also depends where I am working. a lot more drama when I do icu, as that seems to draw high strung people. When I work ER, aaahhhh, can be more laid back.
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    I love my career. I like a handful of my coworkers, have no respect for quite a few. I despise my current job.

    As to the coworkers, I'm not there to make friends. They are wholly irrelevant except as needed for tasks. Tasks is all some of them are good for, and some not even for that. Some, I'll hold in my heart for the rest of my life.

    I'm a nurse for the money and stability, it wasn't some lifelong calling. I do however have a passion for my 500g patients, and go above and beyond for their benefit. I'd do this whether I was working with angels or devils.

    A job is a means to an end, as are coworkers. Neither define me, nor do they define my career.
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    Quote from KayyyT
    One of my friends, a relatively recent grad, has been working at a hospital for about a year now and hates her co-workers. She complains about how "catty" her co-workers are.
    I have found that people like this, they are usually the common denominators.
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    Lol yeah it was a friend not a cousin. And I totally agree that any profession will have people who love their coworkers and people who hate their coworkers. I just thought it was interesting how two people with the same careers have different experiences. The people you work with can really affect how you feel about your career.
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    Quote from That Guy
    I have found that people like this, they are usually the common denominators.
    Sometimes, but it certainly goes that this is a serious problem--nurses not always playing fair and decently with each other--in nursing. No those that point out the problems are not necessarily the common denominator.It's a problem within nursing. When patients, families, docs, and other healthcare people like you and work well with you, stands a good chance it's not simply you.I do wish the problem were as simple as you indicate. Sadly, it's not.It can't improve until it's clearly identified. It's kind of like drug or alcohol abuse. People have to be willing to call it what it is...first step.
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    There are a handful of people that I constantly have issues with at work. Well I shouldn't say I have issues with them. They aren't adult enough to actually confront me. They go to my managers and complain about the most petty stuff and you can tell from the complaints that it's purely personal. They spread rumors about me, (I am always shocked to hear the latest things I have done)I have even had 2 different charge nurses tell me that they feel I get an unfair rap from a few people at work and that I am in a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation. I just recently went and asked my bosses for a meeting about it because I was sick of it I am a very friendly person and I try to treat everyone with respect. I don't care if your police, ambulance, lab, radiology, EVS or so on. I will be nice and friendly to you. I do most of my own tech work and will have other techs tell me they love working with me because I treat them with respect, I say please and thank you and I will do most of my own "tech" work. But certain people I know if they are on I will not get a lick of help and will just get rudeness and hostility. At my meeting I finally after a year brought this stuff up to one of my managers. A few of our charge nurses were there and one of them said just from the rumors she made sure to round on everyone of my patients when she is working. I asked how it went. She said that every single one of the patients she talked to had nothing but good things to say about me as their nurse and the care I gave them. It was nice to have that out there for my managers and it was very liberating for me to get it all off my chest and make my managers aware of the situation. I don't like to tattle tale and so I have never once went to them about any of it. But now they see the other side of it and are aware of these select few and how they are purposefully trying to create problems. These people went and said all I do is flirt with the ambulance crew and the police etc. etc. and neglect my patients and never to my own work. I was able to prove that all of this was a bunch of crap. I have a very strong personality and from what I am told, some people are just intimidated by that. They didn't like that I didn't come into my new job kissing everyone's rear end and they don't like that I am friendly with everyone and they are friendly to me. At some point people just have to start standing up for themselves or it's never gonna end. You're always gonna have toxic people in any field you work in.

    One of the things I like most about working in the ER. It's not as female dominated. Between the ER staff and ancillary staff and outside people we deal with, there is a lot more male:female ratio. Makes things a little better.
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    The environment on my floor is awesome! I have floated to other departments within the facility and cannot say the same for them.
    We all get along fairly well, help one another out, and have each other's backs. And it is not just when certain people are working, you can mix us all up and switch us around and we are still good together.
    Of course, we have a few coworkers that we would rather not work with at times, but is still is a great environment.
    On the nights I work I spend more time with my coworkers than I do with my family. I prefer for it to be drama and stress free.
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    At my first nursing job, I got along with everyone--even the sole Witch Nurse, with whom I eventually was secretly entertained by her insecurity and lame barbs--after a few bumps in the road with techs. Most of the people that I was bumpy with in the beginning gave me great big hugs when I left. The absolute best goodbye was with the night charge/my former preceptor. She gave me a big hug and whispered "I love you" in my ear. Took me completely by surprise!At my new position, I've found that people are a bit more sensitive. I'm sorry, but I have come to the conclusion that the sensitivity might be due to youth. My old job had a lot of older, very experienced nurses with skin as thick as an alligator, and mine is almost as thick when it comes to interpersonal stuff. At this new place, I've overheard conversations about how an exchange was "so mean", and having witnessed the exchange in question, I did not come to the same conclusion. Because of this sensitivity, I don't engage with my coworkers much. I try to be friendly, help out as much as I can, and just do my job. It works.

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