We have a long way to go as health care providers - page 5

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Hi, I, initially, was going to post this in Nurses/Recovery but I wanted to say something to everyone. The past couple of days has been bittersweet for me. Yesterday, I took NCLEX and according to the PVT, I passed. My... Read More

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    remember, anytime you see a doc, your med list will come up! You could be seeing an ortho for a broken foot, and he/she will see what psych meds you are on. there is very little confidentiality any more!
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    Good luck. THere is still a large stigma with mental illness. Not even the "lesser known ones" but even things as common as anxiety or depression. I think many people do not seek treatment because of it, and legitimate fears that such treatment many not be as confidential as one thinks. Good luck.