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Hi, I, initially, was going to post this in Nurses/Recovery but I wanted to say something to everyone. The past couple of days has been bittersweet for me. Yesterday, I took NCLEX and... Read More

  1. by   jadelpn
    Just because someone is mentally ill, doesn't make them not intelligent, or capable. I work with mostly mentally ill patients. The things that people with mental illness need to do to effectively cope would make someone without mental illness want to curl up in the fetal position. I have so much respect for mentally ill people's abilities. Which are numerous. And what most non mentally ill people can not even fathom. So much respect and good for you in participating in and passing nursing and pharmacy tech!!

    Because the state of Virginia can deny licesnses based on mental illness, they have some sort of monitoring program in place? What does that entail? That you are in counseling and treatment and report to them? For how long? My thoughts are if you are mentally ill and have a history of self medicating with illegal drugs or alcohol, then it has to do with self medicating as opposed to being mentally ill. If you treat your mental illness with benzos, then this is the issue as opposed to the mental illness itself. I would bring this issue to your physciatrist and explore all of your options. Could you be maintained on a regimin that doesn't entail a medication that could impair your functioning? (and I am not suggesting you are impaired, just that some medications carry that potential) I would be very clear about getting information on if you can re-apply, what the conditions of the monitoring are, the length of time it will take to be considered, all of that. You do not want to go to the ends of the earth to find out that there's some glitch in the process and you find yourself back at square one.
    Best of luck to you!!
  2. by   morte
    remember, anytime you see a doc, your med list will come up! You could be seeing an ortho for a broken foot, and he/she will see what psych meds you are on. there is very little confidentiality any more!
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    Good luck. THere is still a large stigma with mental illness. Not even the "lesser known ones" but even things as common as anxiety or depression. I think many people do not seek treatment because of it, and legitimate fears that such treatment many not be as confidential as one thinks. Good luck.