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Hi everyone.I am a visiting nurse. I go to the homes of multiple patient's on a daily basis. Today I was slapped with a parking ticking for double parking my car while alternate side parking was in... Read More

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    If you're in NYC, why don't you use public transportation? It's way easier than finding on street parking. Just a thought.
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    You double parked, blocking another car from being able to get out onto the street. What if that car's driver had an emergency? What if its driver just wanted to go somewhere?

    It's frustrating to be unable to find a parking spot. Still, if you double park, there are consequences...
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    The ticket sucks, but you did park knowing there was a chance you would get ticket. Fight it. Go to the traffic court and explain. Usually they dismiss the ticket or may lessen the cost.
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    MJB2010 you have a right to your own point is only that nurses should be exempt while ON DUTY and visiting patients.
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    Even physicians don't get to double-park. They can block a hydrant but not the entire street.
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    I have worked in a variety of places and I sympathize with your situation. It may cost you more if you fight it. Write a letter, see what happens.

    Best wishes!
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    We all have to take responsibility for illegal parking. However, I feel that our employers should provide us with a sticker or dashboard card that shows we are visiting nurses and the law should acknowledge our need to care for that patient. We shouldn't be ticketed for doing our job. We don't always know what parking situation we'll get into prior to going to a patient's home. I was in a similar situation where the parking lot at the apartment complex didn't have visitors parking and my coworker's car was immediately towed. We didn't see the sign and street parking was on a very busy main street. We are hospice nurses and the patient needed immediate attention as she was in the active dying phase. Our administrator was compassionate and paid for the CNA to get her car back, but that shouldn't have been the case. We should have had consideration due to the nature of our job.
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    Yikes, talk about a biased poll "Visiting nurses should take full responsibility for finding somewhere to park, patients come 2nd." Really?? Patients should come first; however, the law is the LAW. I'm sorry parking is such a pain for you but rules are in place to prevent free-for-alls. Aside from disability parking I'm against special treatment. As nurses do we deserve special accommodations? What about doctors, teachers, construction workers, or fast food workers? Who gets what, when, and how? It just all becomes too much.
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    I think the OP is referring to the street sweeping in NYC. We get a grace period to double park while street sweeping is in effect it's not law but just a so called "courtesy". I received one of these tickets a few days ago by these vulture parking meter maids. I was out to move my car it wasn't even 1 minute after street sweeping 11:01 as it says on the ticket , wamp $115 dollars. They wait for the minute to ticket you thanks to our dictator mayor Bloomberg. Can't do anything but pay full price since king Bloomberg scrapped the ticket reduction program in favor of raping NYC drivers of their wallet.
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    If an ambulance pulled to that same spot to provide services it would not have received a ticket. You really are no different. You provide much needed medical services.

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