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So, last night I get report from a patient in the Unit who was in ETOH protocol. This was the patient's 3rd day withdrawing!!! When I got report from this XY Nurse, she told me that the patient was... Read More

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    Quote from Learn2Lead
    Nurse156, Be Prepared!!! In 1998 I was in a T/C on my motorcycle and the handlebar went Thru-and-Thru my left knee (In at the lateral aspect of L-knee, Out at the medial aspect approx. 15cm distal to medial condyle). During the 10 operations to rebuild my knee, a "nurse" came to change my dressing wearing still wearing the yellow gown from the isolation room. The MRSA from her hands entered by blood and almost cost my life. Unless I observed proper technique, I ALWAYS ask them to wash BEFORE handling gloves!! They can be offended, its MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!
    I'm really sorry that happened to you. There is no excuse for it, and in your case I wouldn't be offended if you required your nurses to have their hands cultured before they got near you.

    For the average person there simply is no other way to function without trusting that the person providing your care practices to the highest standards. It's the same for airline pilots, people who handle food, etc.

    The point of my comment was the demeaning (in my opinion) nature of the button which is emblematic of the reason that the poster who said nurses were little more than gofers for the doctors way back in the '80s lol is wrong.

    When I got into this there was no drug testing and no CEU requirement. It was assumed that part of being a professional was keeping current knowledge and not showing up for work while intoxicated, I don't have a problem with those but again I could argue that the level of respect was higher then. sounds like we came from the same place and era! Thanks for all the feedback everyone.
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    Quote from Retired APRN
    But surely, even with all the technology, student nurses today are taught and mentored to be caring as well as to provide care?
    In my area and experience, yes.
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    Quote from Whoatemyburger
    I think it was more the comment about the patient than anything else . I didn't say anything about the bath or the comment to the nurse or anyone . I felt a little bad for the patient . I just did my job with my wonderful aid. I guess that's why I am where I am .

    You're much nicer than me. I would have had plenty to say about receiving a patient covered in dried blood, and even more to say about such a callous comment.
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    Quote from OCNRN63

    You're much nicer than me. I would have had plenty to say about receiving a patient covered in dried blood, and even more to say about such a callous comment.

    hahahahah! By the way, I had the patient again last night. I was so pleased and happy to see such an improvement. He looks 1000x better! I hope he really recovers and leaves the alcohol behind!
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    Quote from Whoatemyburger
    I love the nursing dresses from back in the days !
    One of my classmates wore one to our pinning! We had to wear all white for clinicals, and wore our whites to pinning also, and she got a nursing dress just for pinning. They seem very impractical for actually working in, but this gal sure looked pretty

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