1. My mom had surgery last week and was treated well up until she was in recovery. My mom is not a needy person and tolerates pain very well. She asked for pain meds for the first time, she hit the nurses button and her nurse came in just pass the door and said "what" my mom started to say "the pain is" and the nurse interrupted and said "let me guess you want pain meds" my mom said "yes please" the nurse rolled her eyes and left the room. My mom, Stepdad and I just looked at each other.20 mins went by so I went to the nurses station and what is her nurse doing, talking on her cell giggling away!!! I said "excuse me Miss" she looked at me and said "um I'm on the phone" another nurse overheard and asked me what was going on so I told her and she said I'll be right in. She came into my moms room and apologized so many times for the other nurse and took it upon herself to give my mom Tue meds and then called the Dr to let him know what happened to cover her butt. My mom looked at me and said "you'll do great in nursing school and you and the nurse who helped me will leave nurses like that in the dust" I overheard the Dr talking to the nurse who was suppose to be taking care of my mom and apparently this is not her 1st time doing this , I'd like to know why she still has a job!!
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  3. by   Esme12
    Report her! In this senario....she needs to be reported.
  4. by   dream79
    My mom did the day she was discharged. It just makes me sick that there are nurses out there like that
  5. by   sapphire18
    =0! is this nurse still employed there?!? I'm sorry this happened to your mom.
  6. by   jmpnjessie
    That nurse does need to be reported. Even if she is not placed on probation the first time, at least she will have a record. I would make sure actual paperwork is processed. After so many complaints they will HAVE to fire her or at least set her straight. I am sorry your mother and your family went through that.
  7. by   GitanoRN
    certainly, in your case you did the right thing, the nurse in question deserved to be reported for her lack of compassion. wishing you much success in your nursing program....aloha~
  8. by   not.done.yet
    Not just lack of compassion. For failure to treat. That is appalling and I am glad another nurse stepped up to the plate and that there were apologies, as they were definitely warranted.
  9. by   interceptinglight
    In this 'no shortage of nurses' world, you'd think the hospital would have gotten rid of her before she had a chance to re-offend and replaced her with someone more caring and competent. A nurse like that is going to be a very bad reflection on what may actually be a good facility. Yes, you're right it's hard to imagine why any facility would put up with that, unless they don't want to shell out for having to hire someone else.
  10. by   nctamelanurse
    You would think she would knw people are standing in line for her job, so why would you jeapordize your job in this economy?