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I'm sure that the majority of readers have had the unpleasant experience of working in close proximity to a coworker who smells terribly at least once during their careers. If you have never had a coworker who stinks to high... Read More

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    Oh I didn't really take this article personally, I guess because I'm dealing with it now it just stuck out to me. I just wanted to give another point of view, it is very embarrassing not to want to walk by people in case they get a nose full of sweat ;0. Any other time of year I'm fine, its just in the summer it never fails. I'm always sweating buckets, not just at work everywhere there's extreme heat. If it were cooler at work I'm sure I'd be fine, however management for some reason seems to think its o.k. to have people working and living in extreme heat.That's for another thread however, thanks for understanding.

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    Coworkers aside, to me this is a pt issue. I personally have a very sensitive schnoz, and when I feel bad or even when I'm on the verge of nausea or head ache, one offensive "stank" can put me over the edge. We shouldn't have to give PRN zofran because we don't want to "hurt our colleagues' feelings." We wouldn't pussyfoot around with them if they were doing something else that worsens pt comfort or outright makes them feel bad, would we?
    Last edit by RN in training on Jul 9, '12 : Reason: Zofran, not zofrab!
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    A young man CENA had an aversion to deodorant. He was a good worker but from a different part of the world where BO is considered a norm. He worked with senoir clients in a rehab setting. The work was heavy in physical needs. He was so odorous that as he passed through the halls he left a trail of scent. It was literally nauseating and even visitors complained that he would not be allowed to provide care to their relatives without removing this offensive odor. The young man was counseled and he chose to quit rather than use deodorant and shower daily...he did not do that either. We really liked him he was a good worker but the odor was overwheming and shocking when it attacked your olfactory senses. I would suffer a headache when he was on my team. We were thankful that the issue was addressed and at his request he quit.

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