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That awkward moment when....

  1. 7 Sometimes nursing drains the living daylights out of me. However, I love what I do. It is never a dull moment. However, lately I've had some pretty awkward moments and thought I'd share. Feel free to add yours!

    -That awkward moment when I had a patient that haven't urinated in 8 hours, so I pulled the curtain and started to gently massage his bladder and got overly excited when he voided. ( that meant no foley!)

    -That awkward moment when a patient poops or passes gas I shout " Oh, this is wonderful" . (Patient usually gives me that " she's nuts" look)

    -That awkward moment when a discharged patient walks in on me when I'm using the Bathroom close to the hospital entrance. ( I wasn't no where near the employees rest room, and a girl had to go).

    -That awkward moment when you are trying to find veins on a drug user and you try your best to politely ask where to go, without offending them. ( although most volunteer to expose what is left).

    - That awkward momemt when you have a patient who we found PCP in his urine, and his wife is at the bedside 9 months preggors and have no idea( shaking my head).

    -That awkward moment when you have to assess a male patient who is extremly attracted to you, and says "helllllooooo nurse". (yuckers!)

    These are just a few. I'm sure I have many more.... thats all for now folks.
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    That awkward moment when your demented old man resident calls you a sex bomb.
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    That awkward moment when you say to a coworker, about a doctor who just left, "Wow, he's hot!"

    ... only to find out he was around the corner and well within earshot.
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    That awkward moment when diazepam and valium don't knock out the psych patient that's caused 3 code blacks!!
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    .....that awkward moment when you lift the sheet to assess your MALE fresh lap chole post-op (who's A&O x3) and exclaim "BEAUTIFUL!!" when you see 3 CD&I dressings.

    Did I mention that the patient was MALE?!
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    Quote from ClearBlueOctoberSky
    That awkward moment when your demented old man resident calls you a sex bomb.
    Similarly, that awkward moment when your demented old man thinks you're his wife and leans over for a kiss then exclaims "Come on just jump in bed with me!"

    OR when said dementia resident hears a family crying in the hallway and shouts (within earshot) "They make it sound like someone is dying!"..."yes sir, that is because someone DID just pass away"
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    That awkward moment when the maintenance guy brings you urine-soaked diapers and pants that your Alzheimer's resident hung up on the courtyard fence to dry...
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    That awkward moment when you're collecting a UA via straight cath on a 60 y/o psych patient who thinks she's pregnant and as you're removing the cath she looks down and says "Did you get the whole baby out? I really don't want it."

    Or...that awkward moment when you walk past a male room and hear your CNA exclaiming, "Congratulations it's a boy!" then you walk in just in time to see the CNA removing a bedpan with the biggest BM you've ever seen.

    I used to have a CNA who would describe to me the residents' BM's by comparing them to the length of her arm. So funny...
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    -That awkward moment when you're leaning towards a sweet elderly lady with dementia to give her a bite of food and she says "If you're going to kiss me just do it."

    -That awkward moment when you anticipate the debriding instrument the doctor wants to use so you have it opened and ready, only for him to ask for another type.

    -That awkward moment when a patient states in front of another nurse that he would rather have you as his nurse because you're the good one.

    -That awkward moment when you have an A&Ox3 male patient fully capable of washing his own man parts but throws back the covers, grins and tells you he wants you to do it for him.
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    That awkward moment when you answer the phone by saying what you just charted, "Respirations even and unlabored!" "Uh...this is Dr. So-and-so, I was paged." D'oh!
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    That awkward moment when your cute little old lady pulls you into her room and tells you to, "Look at that man across the hall. He's so fat, he probably hasn't seen his peter in years!"

    Or...that awkward moment when you're in the dining room at dinner and you're talking to one of the residents while the way-confused 100-and-something y/o lady behind you is rambling loudly trying to get your attention, when she suddenly shouts "Hey chubby!"and at the same times pokes your butt really hard with a spoon and when you turn around startled she looks up at you and says, "Well that's what you are! Now go out back and do your chores!"...ahhhh...classic
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    the worst EVER was in nursing school where I had to "prep" a man for a cath...shaving the "area" when he was aroused, and I nicked his N*&s and to top it off, his wife was in the room!
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    Quote from 08RNGrad
    the worst EVER was in nursing school where I had to "prep" a man for a cath...shaving the "area" when he was aroused, and I nicked his N*&s and to top it off, his wife was in the room!