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stopping the drama at work among nurses, doctors, and other staff members. with that said, does anyone has suggestions on how they deal with such "drama"? or situations that they can share regarding... Read More

  1. by   amygarside
    There is bound to be a drama queen/king in every medical facility. If there is one at your workplace, it would be best to talk less when you are with them. The less interaction you have with them, the better. Just do your job and complete your tasks. There is already enough real drama with the patients. YOu don't need one more drama queen/king in your life.
  2. by   GitanoRN
    up date! since i posted my original post i had a meeting with all 3 shifts and allowed them to speak their mind, followed by me given them a peace of my mind and a reminder of the facility policy that they signed regarding this issue when they became new employees. having said that, i fully understand that no matter where you go there will be drama it's human nature enough said. on the other hand, when it becomes disruptive on a daily basis and it flows into our work, that needs to be addressed and nip in the bud if you will. admittedly, i work with a great qualified nursing staff that has overcome several storms in the past, and resurfaced as a triumphant warrior. therefore, for this alone i'm proud of taking the staff beyond their expectations into a better understanding that together we will overcome all obstacles, to ensure and deliver the highest caliber of nursing possible. although, i'm not blind that drama will continue whenever you place over 2,500 nurses together, but with the assertiveness that it won't be a destructive factor or compromise our daily goal on serving and delivering a quality care to our patients.
  3. by   NurseLeeny
    Don't get involved in little attention, don't share opinions, have your life outside of the's too draining...

    I work in an environment where there's a lot of drama and don't hang with anyone I work I remain sane!

    If someone tries to share stuff with you, just change the subject, or just say something like, "I'm really not interested in knowing that, thanks..."