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So I'm watching televison.... nusring and hospital shows of course...and They are always showing someone in these shows who is in love with another nurse, or doctor and they always end up having sex while in the hospital. My... Read More

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    Gitano: I know... it's so sad!I think we should demand conjugal breaks!Lol!

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    Quote from Sarah G
    Sex on the job... actually kinda gross if you think about it. Remember Microbiology? Hospitals aren't the most sanitary of places.
    Under the best conditions, sex isn't the most sanitary of activities...
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    ...we often madeout in various place up until my friend found out & reported him because he's no good for me. This guy goes after every female in my work, he truely is a pig & I recently found out he is married with children. Ive heard about him being with people from other housekeepers to nursing staff & how he would go to empty rooms or anywhere quiet to have sex with him. ...
    eww... I mean, even besides the HAIs, wouldn't one worry about STDs???
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    I'd be too tired.
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    Oh! let me think...NOT!!!!!:redlight:
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    Haha! I heard that our house supervisor (she no longer works here, it was ages ago) caught a couple doing it in a conference room....wish I could've seen her face! :-)
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    ICU superviser and a lab tech, two ICU nurses. Np and the resp tech...don and a md..a hot RN in the er that tried every new nurse in the hospital...that was funny, watching him make his matter how many times the new nurses were warned about er hotty, he succeeded more than not
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    Not gonna lie, there are a couple of doctors I'd barricade myself in a room with if they gave me he eye and tossed their heads in that direction --*in theory*. In practice, even if that was even a possibility, it would SO not happen at work.
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    I guess it happens more often than we think...same with patients having sex!

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