Racial Biases Against Patients: Another Issue To Ponder - page 3

According to one definition, racial bias means a “pre-formed” negative opinion or attitude toward a group of persons who possess common physical characteristics (McCleary, 2009). Racial bias has been detected in school... Read More

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    Quote from frankie,RN
    i did not yank your chain. you caused it to yank on your own. if you read my entire quote, you will notice the word "studies". and you would have realized at that moment that i was not stating something based on assumption or stereotype, i was basing it on a statistic. and i'm not saying or assuming that all whites are well-off. ive treated many people, whites incuded, from all various socioeconomic backgrounds. no. i will not provide a link for proof. google it and do your own research. but i will say this... if brown vs board ofeducation was decided in 1954, then why are children still being bused in 2012. why are some politicians still fighting for school vouchers in 2012 to send less fortunate kids to better school districts. according to you, it would be because they have the same stereotypes as me. who knows, maybe their assumptions, like mine, are based on studies too.
    I read your whole post.
    I stated my dislike for the stereotype.
    I understand what you said about studies.
    However, while it may be shown that white students have access to better education and, thus, higher GPAs, it is not true for all.
    So, while we paint with a broad brush-- based on studies-- there are those, such as me, who fall between the cracks.
    Why does it have to be a race issue?Poor people have poor educational resources and it's true no matter what color you are.
    So why put a color on it?
    I'm not barking at you.
    I'm not shooting the messenger.
    I saw your post and it made me think about something I don't like.

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