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during my career i always did whatever i could to protect the patients modesty regardless of gender or age. i was recently a surgical patient at a VA hospital and had what i feel was a disrespectful... Read More

  1. by   jadelpn
    Make sure when you sign your consent, that you cross out and initial the "students can observe" part. When you then give consent for surgery, again indicate no observers/students. Unfortunetely, because it was a VA hospital, you have little choice on not getting the procedure done and going to an alternate hospital. (Well, you do, but at your expense). As an outsider looking in, it is a shame that vets seemingly have little choice.

    Most people will observe a surgery such as yours for learning purposes. And I would hope that whomever the surgeon would choose as observers would be mature in the dignity and respect department. But it is your body, your choice.

    Thank you for your service to our country, sir.
  2. by   Sadala
    I'm actually kind of shocked that more folks don't think this is a big deal. I don't mind (usually) having students when I'm hospitalized. I will let them observe or try a great many procedures (on me). However, I will not allow them to start an IV or draw blood. I have very poor access and I've had three ports. It would be traumatic for me AND for the student to have one of their first blood draws on a pt in which they were unsuccessful.

    Same thing with observers. No way I would have let observers in when I had my son. That was just too sacred. Other surgeries/situations I would be ok with it. It is something I ask about prior to surgery because I understand that at teaching hospitals sometimes you can get into the situation where the surgeon lets a student do some of the surgery. I am not comfortable with that (sorry) and I state so on my consent in writing prior to surgery. Also had a doc sneak in that he wanted photos for his website and I crossed that one out too.

    Oh yeah. Also had a physician try to bring a pharm rep into an exam with me once. Yeah. Not so much doc. Said no to that one too.
  3. by   nursel56
    All of this makes me appreciate the fact that every time an observer appeared I was asked if it was OK for them to be there. I do wonder about ORs and weird comments, though. As my OB was sewing up my C-section incision he was bragging to the rest of the staff that it was so low I would look great at the local nude beach. :/