Nurses With Low Self-Esteem: Please Seek Help - page 3

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Self-esteem can be defined as the extent to which we deem our value, worth, and competence as a person. It factors significantly in how we view ourselves and the manner in which we progress through life. Hence, low self-esteem is... Read More

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    Quote from lifeisgood2012
    My worth as a nurse in that capacity has only been external - I havent had the confidence within me to trust that I am a good nurse yet - I dont know if I am making sense - it does in my head. As with anything I want to do more to overcome this - I dont want it to be an obstacle. Its not in so many ways - yet I cannot continue determining my worth as a nurse based soley on what one person says - for example - one day when someone says I am doing good I am happy - when they say I am not I am sad. I still jump in and try and ask questions - but I think less
    of myself. I dont know. Ok. I hope someone understands what I am saying and can help me with this. Thanks.
    Keep in mind that the process of overcoming low-self esteem does not happen overnight. In the vast majority of cases, self-esteem problems developed early in life, so people who have low self-esteem are going to have to re-program their thoughts and views of themselves.

    As always, do not be afraid to seek professional help if you feel that this issue is hindering your professional and personal life.