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Nurses eat their young - now I understand why. - page 10

I started working for a sub-acute LTC as the DSD last week. The DON and I hit it off because we have the same vision on what we need to do in order to solve the problems we current have. Early... Read More

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    as a person, as a humanist, as an experienced rn with management time i found your posting less than inspiring. i got several hints from your posting about where the real arrogance might be. were you supplying us with an example of a nurse- yourself- eating their young? "trainable" rns you say? what's that supposed to mean beyond its putative connotation? the non-trainable ones would be perhaps a tad mentally retarded? is that what the boards of nursing are doing, licensing rns who passed the boards but yet might be not "trainable"? it takes a great amount of arrogance and disrespect for the profession even to think of rns as "trainable". second evidence: the thing with core measures. that's administrative realm knowledge at this poin, mind you. to put down the applicants because they don't know yet another set of corporate buzzwords it's indicative that those nurses are most likely better off not working for you. i'm afraid you have displayed here, several handicaps when it comes to a fundamental sense of perspective, temperance in judgment and regard for others. you know that nurse you mentioned as wrinkling her nose during the interview on account of the smell of bm in your facility? well, i'm afraid it's not the only stinking factor, far and wide... some serious training in facilitative leadership for you and your don is in order. and, please, get rid of that smell, will you?
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    Quote from smt456
    I do understand why nurses eat their young. i was totally committed to the opposite and was always helpful and available when training new nurses. But, I left my position b/c I couldn't justify training nurses who only seemed dedicated to themselves. I often heard comments like "this job is cuttin into my Me time", "if I have to work that weekend I'll just quit", "I can get a job anywhere I want, any day of the week", and a new grad thinking it wasn't fair b/c she didn't get to tell management what days she wanted to work! by the way the same nurse was clueless about anything beyond nursing 101 and when caught not checking on a pt. who she knew was in sinus brady at 35 BPM, she just said she didn't know anything about it. she is now charging and i feel sorry for the pts and other nurses who will suffer from her lack of concern about anyones's welfare but her own. her sense of entitlement was so ingrained that her entire perspective on live was twisted by it , but she had no clue how depraved her thinking was. She thought there was something wrong with everyone else. unfortunately, though she was probably the worst example, she wasn't the only one. very sad to see this happen and to know how detrimental this attitude can be.
    "The scum always raises to the top of the water" -- Jesse Ventura
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    I'm pretty sure Jesse the Body didn't coin that one. He's not that clever.
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    ^ lol!
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    Didn't coin it, but repeated it on Monday? Night Main Event back in the 80's when he was a co-host with the late, great Gino Marella- Gorilla Monsoon.
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    "Trainable" ? As in they will see the same "vision" you share with the DON?

    Or as in .. paper trained?
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    Lol, I see that same arrogant attitude in some of the student nurses that come for clinicals. Pretty scary as these will be future nurses taking care of us and our families. Makes you want to open a care facility for retiring nurses, staffed by the retiring nurses.
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    Tell me why does this make it right for nurses to eat their young? Did you step into your first job wearing a halo?

    'I started working for a sub-acute LTC as the DSD last week. The DON and I hit it off because we have the same vision on what we need to do in order to solve the problems we current have."
    Sounds like the start of the "mean girl club". after one week you knew how to fix the problems at the hospital. How much experience do you have?
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    Sounds like you would be perfect for the job
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    OP, bullies always look for a reason for justifying their "eating their young" behavior. Tell you the truth, there is none. So you were not impressed with your applicants - don't hire them. But if you do - no, you don't have an excuse to harrass them.
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    Maybe she meant "bottom of the barrel" as one who would apply for a charge job with no experience? Trying to be charitable here. Sounds like a newbie who is clueless.
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    Quote from Been there,done that
    "Trainable" ? As in they will see the same "vision" you share with the DON?

    Or as in .. paper trained?
    Trained! I hate working with Trainable Charge Nurses. They say they are paper trained, but when you work with them you always find little presents they leave in the hall. You have to hit them on the nose with rolled up newspaper and then you have to kick them outside so ....Wait! I'm talking about my dog, That's why I have been fired from a lot of places.
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    I want to know where the OP scurried off to.