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I was just reading some threads about professional appearance and body mods. Mostly they were saying that body mods is an issue and you don't want to scare the patient. I was just wondering if you... Read More

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    Thanks everyone for the comments and feedback. I actually don't have my license yet. However, on my ID it states that I have DIC for an eye color. On my cousins' they said he has hazel (we have same exact eyes), so who knows what they'll put on my license. I have realized that it has turned into a good icebreaker and how many questions I will receive. One time I was taking care of a resident and my classmate told me that this particular resident wanted to speak with me. The resident who wanted to speak with me happened to be the one who was nervous about me caring for her due to funny eyes. The resident wanted me to prove to her visitor that there is a girl waking around the SNF with two different colored eyes. I couldn't help but laugh when she called me in there. For the post that suggested glasses, I already have to wear reading glasses and my blue eye sticks out so much. I'm light skinned and the blue eye is extremely bright even with the glasses.

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    I've had my eye colour listed as green, brown or hazel--rarely had the same colour on two IDs. Usually I ask for green now (I mean 1.5 of my eyes ARE green) but when I was younger, they often wouldn't put that. Typically they'd try to split the difference by putting "hazel". My brother actually has hazel eyes-they are a whiskey colour, almost approaching orange.

    As for glasses, not really a recommendation, just an observation. My vision is very very bad so when I wear my glasses my eyes look very small and dark and the change in colour becomes less noticable. When people do notice it, they usually think the eyes are different coloured.
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    Quote from Flare
    shouldn't affect your career other than making people like me jealous of your cool eyes compared to my boring brown eyes.
    Some of my favourite people have brown eyes! Including me. Brown eyes are lovely and soulful and don't ever let anyone tell you they are boring!
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    You have two different colored eyes? Awesome!

    If they refused to hire you based on eye colors you've had all your life, wouldn't that be the same as refusing to hire you based on your skin color?

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