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I was just reading some threads about professional appearance and body mods. Mostly they were saying that body mods is an issue and you don't want to scare the patient. I was just wondering if you guys thought two different... Read More

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    My daughter has a blue eye and a brown eye. Very distinctively different colors. I think it's pretty cool. I have yet to meet anyone freaked out by it.

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    Quote from Ebwest94
    I was just reading some threads about professional appearance and body mods. Mostly they were saying that body mods is an issue and you don't want to scare the patient. I was just wondering if you guys thought two different colored eyes would be a reason not to hire me. I know my eyes scare older people and they think it's weird. Do you guys think I will actually have in issue in health care due to them?
    Older people different cultures believe that people with different colored eyes are "bewitched" or have powers....they are frightened....scared. I know my grandmother though that a person with different eyes had a dual being a dark evil side.

    I do not think they will prevent you from getting a position.....or wear contacts. Now if the were altered to look like cats eyes or like those white/grey eyes might find some resistance.

    You should be fine.
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    I've known a couple of nurses with different colored eyes, and never heard any issues. I think most people really don't care, or may be mildly curious.

    I went to school with a woman with the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen, and didn't know 'til we were senior that she had blue contacts on top of her blue eyes. She lost one, and had a plain one on for a few days, making her eyes 2 different colors.

    No worry, really.

    Best wishes!
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    I actually had a fellow student in LPN school who had two different colored was a bright beautiful shade of blue, the other was an amber color brown/golden color. Pretty awesome! She had no problem getting a job and has made comment that most of her patients comment on how beautiful her eyes are.

    And my dog has a beautiful blue eye and one chocolate brown one. While not unique for certain breeds, my dog is a boxer who is white (he's NOT albino) and when they are white, they usually have two blue eyes or two brown, sort of rare to see one with a blue and brown.

    I don't think you'll have any issues with your eyes. Unless of course you get those creepy contacts that make human eyes appear reptile-like (elongated) like or ghoolish..
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    Besides, you could have perfectly unremarkable eyes and still have an issue made of them. I was told that I had "Devil Eyes" just before a patient tried to gouge them out of my head. So far as I'm aware, my eyes are no more diabolical than any others.

    I'd worry not a bit were I you.
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    Who among us is perfect? I have one round eye and one not round. I have a scar down the middle of my chest which sometimes shows depending on what I'm wearing. Neither of these unique things has ever come up during an interview or kept me from getting a job.
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    So which color of eyes do you put on your driver's license? Just curious. I don't think that would be an issue at all. Certainly not like a nurse I know with missing teeth!
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    It's God given gift not everyone have. Go forward with it. If you find others have problem with it, that will be theirs, certainly not yours.

    Good luck with that.
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    I have a red birthmark on my forehead that gets redder when I'm hot or tired. It's subtle enough that people don't always realize its a birthmark but used to ask me with concern if I got hit in the head. That made junior high kinda interesting-not! On top of that, I have developed terrible allergies to all makeup. Lucky me! So I worried that I would be considered unprofessional for going without it on the job. If I wear makeup my eyes swell and I can't see. My sinuses back up then the ear problems start and on it goes down hill.

    My solution has been to wear reading glasses that are stylish and colored so my face has 'color' and you can't really tell I'm not wearing eye make up. They make some fashion glasses with really low strengths (mild). Maybe you can get some that area just frames with glass as well.

    I throw this out there in case you have sensitive eyes that don't tolerate contacts like mine!

    I think like others it makes for a good conversation piece when they bring up your eye color. Hey, I always look pregnant after having had the babies, and people still ask me if I'm pregnant (at 47). Now I thank them for thinking I'm still young enough to have kids and they end up saying, "You're welcome!" without really realizing that just insulted my big belly and weight.

    Use what you have to underscore your humanity and help your patients relate to you.
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    I just wanna say I'm jealous!!!!! My husband says I have avocado eyes ( split it in half, and that's what they look like) and I've been told they look like cats eyes (streaked with yellow when I'm angry or really happy)...but I'd kill for two different colored eyes!!!!

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