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How can a nurse deal with mean doctors at your place of employment. I have worked as a unit clerk for 10 years. I am currently in school for my BSN, and one of my biggest fear as a new nurse is how... Read More

  1. by   Horseshoe
    Quote from jmqphd
    Oh, yeah? I know for a fact that a nurse (of my acquaintence back when I lived in Dallas) called the police when a doctor zinged a chart past her head (he'd been on thin ice for a long time) and he got hauled in for assault and battery. As I recall, it clipped her on the side of her head and I am not making this up. She called the police on the spot... didn't wait till the end of the shift. Didn't file incident reports, didn't involve the HR department... she had witnesses right there when the cops came. The supervisors backed her up because, they had no choice. (I believe her husband was a cop and that might have had some influence on the outcome.)

    Now don't stop there. What WAS the outcome? Did the doctor apologize? Beat the rap with a good lawyer and make her life hell after that? Was he disciplined by the hospital?
  2. by   mnrb_mdn
    Thank you very much for your advice. I will always remember your post
  3. by   mnrb_mdn
    You are correct and I agree, but there are some doctors that even if you have your information together and answer politely, and answer their question professionally they are still jerks.... I will take your advice with me and thank you very much for your response
  4. by   mnrb_mdn
    Yeah I also want to know the outcome of the situation. Please let me know
  5. by   mystory
    Maybe it's the social worker/psych nurse in me, but I always just consider the source. If a doctor is unnecessarily rude, that behavior says plenty about him/her and nothing about me. I just feel sorry for them that they have such low interpersonal standards for themselves. Better them than me!
  6. by   gentlegiver
    If your advocating for your patient, STAND YOUR GROUND!!!!! You have an obligation to do what is right for the patient. As for the DR, I have stood toe to toe and let them know that if I'm not bullying them they have NO Right to bully me! Deal with the problem the patient is having then we can discuss thier attitude in detail after the patient is taken care of. Most of the time they will back down.