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Our morale is at an all time low. New administration took over and now they are reducing staffing to the point where you really just cannot do a good job. We are stretched so thin we are all ready to snap. Half of our floor has... Read More

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    Quote from delilas
    Before quitting, consider PRN work. I know its different for every place, but here it's only required to work one shift every two weeks; you wouldn't burn a bridge during a difficult job search time while pregnant. It would be better than no money at all (ie, quitting) and you'd only have to tolerate the workload a much shorter amount of time. Being pregnant gives the perfect excuse that is not "I hate this place."

    With luck, things will eventually change. But if they don't, you've secured yourself until you can safely look for another job.

    You can't just go prn on my floor, you have to wait for a prn spot to be advertised and apply for the opening. There are none available. There have not been for the entire year I have worked here. For some reason, they are hiring part time, no prn and no full time. I think its a benefit saver thing, but that is just an idea.

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