I feel like they should change the title of this site to "reasons why my job sucks" - page 23

People on here need to realize that when you complain on here (and for some that all those individuals do) it really dissuades us new grads from continuing into the profession. First and most obvious... Read More

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    Quote from Wave Watcher
    Did you just say that there is a Chinese Conspiracy against AllNurses? Also, that you hate wombats just as much as I do? Yea, I heard it!
    There's a chinese checkers tournament on AllNurses? The winner gets a baseball bat???

    Yea, I heard it!
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    Quote from tewdles
    There's a chinese checkers tournament on AllNurses? The winner gets a baseball bat???

    Yea, I heard it!
    Siamese twins competed in chess, and a bat flew over the game board.
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    Quote from mariebailey
    Siamese twins competed in chess, and a bat flew over the game board.

    Sammy's completed just .... what?? ::wailing:: I never get this right! This game sucks!
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    Now that's a derail!!
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    Quote from jrwest
    Now that's a derail!!

    jrwest just said she's been to jail!

    Yea, I heard it!
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    Just watch jrwest try prison nursing...is this going to be on CNN??!

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    No, because LadyFree28 will become 29 when she frees jrwest......
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    OP, always expect, anywhere you go, to have a bombardment of people angry at you for not knowing everything. Lol, it isnt our fault that we are going into uncharted territory and people on here cant be civil long enough to say "I was once where you are; not knowing if this was for me. People constantly making me worry if I would regret becoming a nurse." You are not wrong for letting people on here know that we worry. We are human. If they want to try to rain down on you, don't let them. Simply say, you could have just been kinder, and move on to people with RESPECTFUL and constructive criticism. There are always people angry enough to redirect their frustration out on us. It will happen. You are bringing it to their attention that they are making many new grads feel discouraged. They in turn feel like you are trying to take away the right to post on AN. That can feel emotionally threatening to many as you can plainly tell from this thread. They are not new grads anymore, that is not a concern or something they care to, from this point on, consider when they post. Once we are nurses however, do not be shocked if you, me and other new grads alike come straight to AN to vent how we hated something like lost a premie or something tragic. Nurses deal with so much that I don't even know about or understand yet. I have respect for them and know that they are soldiers in the workforce of health. They are "taking the bullet" for people and it is amazing. Everyone is different and at different places in life. No one will have the exact experience as another so we will be ok. You just have to be brave enough to take the posts you choose to read with a grain of salt. But people could be nicer on here in response i will admit that. Just the truth.
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    Quote from hershdawg
    That's not my point specifically. I am just saying that it seems all everyone does on here is complain and say "I want out!" or something along those lines. I know people sometimes have to vent, but it is beginning to give me and many new grads the impression that nobody likes their job. By the way, is your profile pic Darrel from Walking Dead?
    The authors of any discussion site thread are not composed of a general population. An extremely negative thread on a nursing website is not a sample of the general nursing population, rather, it is more likely composed of people who are more negative in general. So search for negativity on the internet, or anything for that matter, and you will find it!
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    Quote from Ruas61
    Oh, by the way, most people post here without regard to new grads because they are not the epicenter of our existence or jobs or topics .
    Nice personality. The type they hand pick to be on reality tv simply to add entertainment value.

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