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I just wanted to ask. Ive been watching Grey's Anatomy, Mercy, and Hawthorne and I want to know: Just how real is it that there are romances at work that often? Do employees hang at local bar's?(LOL)... Read More

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    I worked for 12 years at a smaller hospital that was also a teaching hospital. I mean small like 68 beds including ICU. The ER however, was exceptional. Our location was between 2 major interstates. Many of our docs taught at the best school for paramedics.
    Because of the size It was a hot bed for workplace romances. Right off the top of my head I can think of 6 couples still together. Lots of doc-nurse ratios,tech-nurse tech-tech Doc-doc even Doc-engineering. I I had to think I could come up with even more that didn't work out. We always went out for beers after a really bad day.
    We also had a party once a year at a local lake for a weekend it was funded by the ER and a woman who collected all the soda cans and cashed in for all the food we bought. And a party at Christmas funded by all the Docs.
    So Yes, there is always going to be hanky panky But this place was more like a small town and everyone knew your business.

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    I'm a PCA and Nursing student and I hang out with the MD's & RN's outside of work. We go to the bar in the morning after a long night, or grab breakfast on Sunday's when the bar is closed. (Labor & Delivery will make you a morning drinker) But I have friends who are nurses who have slept/dated with an MD. And MD's who have dated multiple MD's and Nurses. On our floor all the nurses are female, the MD's are mixed. And I'm the one lone guy on the unit. We have anesthesia residents (usually all guys) and OB/GYN residents which is a mixed bag of males and females. One of my friends has been dating a MD secretly for a year now, while another her relationship didn't work out. I think as long as dating/socializing doesn't affect your job title, why should anyone care?
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    I met my husband during my student nurse posting, he was a medical officer at ER. Most part of our relationship was outside the hospital, but in the hospital we are like total strangers. Now that we are married we work in different hospitals in different towns so no stealing kisses or hugs or ass smacking till we meet at home
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    I read the first post in this thread and thought it was a joke. Sadly, it appears it isn't! And this came to life after being buried for 3.5 years...??

    Yes, Virginia, hospitals are just like they are on TV. Nurses shoot up before seeing patients, doctors actually sit at patients' bedsides, and the staff are all tongue-wrangling during all that downtime between clock-in and clock-out. In fact, each of your student colleagues can expect to meet up with their very own McDreamy the moment they hit the floor....after all, it's not like they're going to be too busy, right?

    I'm guessing nursing school allowed some students WAY too much free time if this was an area of actual consideration!
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    Umm... A lot of people meet their partner(s) at work (wherever that might be - medical and non-medical) because... that's where they spend most of their time. I don't think there's anything particularly "Grey's Anatomy" about it.
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    In the last few years a few of my co-workers and I have met for breakfast only a couple of times after our shifts. We get along well but just seem to need space between professional and personal lives.
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    Romance in the hospital is no different than romance at McDonald's, that steak house down the street, or within the high rise office in Midtown. There are some who will, some who won't, some work out, some explode. I love Gray's Anatomy but constantly remind my husband he will not get more action if he becomes a radiologist and works with me!
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    Tait, no body wants to look at any posts from you unless "E" is ghost-writing them.

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