Honesty is NOT the best policy?

  1. Anyone been told that creating a safety net (or incident report) was non-punitive and then discovered it was, and by doing so they put a target on their back. I filled out reports on 3 issues that were basically sentinel level events. I did them for patient safety, told my manager the circumstances I found, did not name names or make comment or judgement other than "this is what I found", I made a minor mistake, did a report, and find myself being retaliated against, as someone said to me, you put a target on your back, today I was fired over something rather ridiculous. I guess I thought that reporting them was truly something to learn from and an opportunity for education, instead I find that they are highly punitive against the person who "finds" the issue. I am so upset right now I thought I had done the right thing in the best interest of my patients.
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  3. by   llg
    I am sorry to read that you were fired and can understand that you are very upset. Find yourself a shoulder to cry on and set the issues aside for a little bit. Then come back to them when you are ready to move forward.

    You should not post the details of the incidents online ... but without a few details, it will be hard for anyone to discuss those situations and give you good quality feedback here on allnurses. So if you want to discuss things here online, you'll need to be very clear-headed so that you don't reveal too much online.

    So ...focus on grieving for a bit. Then come back if and when you feel ready to share a little more online -- and have the clear head to do so safely.
  4. by   Ambersmom
    I appreciate your response, I am broken hearted over this and am really feeling down and wondering if I want to continue as a nurse. But honestly I did not want advice in my situation, I was just wondering if anyone else has heard the typical party line about not being punitive and discovered it was not true. It makes me question whether I would ever want to report a patient safety issue again.
  5. by   caliotter3
    Management typically does want to hear about any problems, much less do anything about those problems. Employees who bring problems to the attention of management are seen as THE problem and not the "problem" or those who cause the "problem". This is a general rule of thumb. If you want to remain employed, or have less stress at work, you will make the choice to turn a blind eye to a lot. Not saying this is the right way to go about one's worklife, just saying that it is a general rule of thumb.

    And yes, I have heard the party line more than once. No one is going to say that they do the opposite of policy or general common sense. That would be leaving the door wide open to litigation.