flirting with patients

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    Is there anyone out there who has flirted with their patients?

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    That's a big no no. No I haven't its inappropriate.
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    Uh, no. I have flirted with one of my doctors though.
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    No, that's gross and ethically wrong. Your patients are vulnerable when receiving care. Do no harm.
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    It is so obviously a 'no.' Just our of curiosity, why do you ask? Are you a pt was was "hit on" by a nurse? A nurse thinking of flirting? Just remember, 'ER' and the like are not a reliable representation of nursing.
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    Oh I am a nurse and I had a hot patient. and it is difficult to remain professional and distant from that.
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    My patients are barely conscious. I monitor their vitals, watch for post-operative complications, manage pain and ponv and so on... Hardly a romantic setting even if one was inclined to flirt.
    I have never thought of a patient as attractive. That's simply not my mind-set at work. I find the notion of flirting with a patient ridiculous and of course utterly unprofessional.
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    Quote from bowelcareconsultant
    Oh I am a nurse and I had a hot patient. and it is difficult to remain professional and distant from that.
    Don't take this personally, but I don't really associate you user name with "hot" (at least in the context you meant the latter).
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    I was going to say "depends on what you mean" but by explaining it was "a hot patient"--it is entirely inappropriate to flirt. If what you mean is to joke around and be friendly depends on the situation and the patient. If I have a patient who knows each time they see me, it is hardly anything nice, I do try and lighten the mood a bit "Yes, it is me Nurse Jade again. Like a bad penny I just keep turning up". Sometimes, it will lighten a situation. But again, depends.
    If you are a bowel care consultant, it may make a patient feel more comfortable talking about something that most patients find really embarrassing if you do lighten the mood a tad. "I am Nurse Bowel Consultant and contrary to what you may be thinking I am not bowel obssessed...." or something along those lines.
  11. 0 I'm at work, why would i do that?? I am happily engaged and have 0 interest in any of my patients. Just wrong- just no. Never. Don't ever do that.

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