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I had a patient yesterday that truly must've thought I was his audience at the comedy club. He had such a snarky sarcastic attitude, a really dumb sense of humor, and wasn't funny. He made obnoxious comments and was clearly... Read More

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    Quote from turnforthenurseRN
    I had a patient whom the moment you walked into his room, he started complaining. After about 10 minutes into the shift, I wanted to shoot myself. The nurse before me warned me of this, but I didn't think he would be that bad. I was wrong. I tried to stand there and listen to him because maybe he just needed to vent and needed someone to talk to, but it didn't matter what you did - he would still complain about something, ANYTHING. He would complain about you standing there listening to him lol. It came to the point where I started walking out of the room while he was in mid-sentence because I couldn't stand to listen to his complaints anymore!!!

    I was back the following night and I gave that patient to someone else, I just couldn't deal with him again. He drove me nuts. He drove that nurse crazy, too.
    Don't shoot yourself.

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    Quote from DoeRN
    I admit I really don't have a sense of humor so I give a blank look when something is funny to everyone else. I do laugh of course but something has to be super funny in order for me to do so.

    So usually with these types of patients I give them the blank look. And when they tell me that was a joke I still give them the blank look and continue on with what I need to do. Works 100% for me. Or if they are being super obnoxious or mean I tell them I will not tolerate that behavior.

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    "Well, I am glad to see you have your sense of humor back! Let's make our plan of the day to talk to your doctor about a discharge plan, shall we???"
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