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I had an incident come up recently, but I wanted to see what you all thought. I don't remember all the specifics, but I'll give you the scenario as best I can. I had a patient who had surgery a few days prior. Some kind of Ortho... Read More

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    I agree with other posters...not an ethical delimna, but an uncomfortable one for you, for sure.

    Your hospital likely has patient rights and responsibilities posted somewhere...they outline the patient's right to choice in treatment options.
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    I encountered a similar situation in clinicals recently (I am a nursing student). I explained to the patient the purpose of NPO before surgery including the potential risks involved, notified his nurse of the situation, and wrote a very detailed nursing note explaining his resistance to the NPO order. He also had open drinks in his room and a piece of ice he'd been chewing on. I took everything out, told his nurse, and documented everything I observed.

    He really didn't seem to grasp the importance of remaining NPO before his procedure even after I explained it to him, but eventually backed down.

    As a nursing student, I think I covered all my bases. I'm glad he didn't push the issue any further, though!

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