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It seems like I see people talking on here constantly about how they were fired from their first job, or their last job, or know several people who were fired. Do nurses get fired a lot, especially... Read More

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    Ps. I fought mine and got unemployment. I am just not sure what i will be able to put on my application in the future.
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    I concur, very informative.
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    Wow! I am really surprised that this is how it long would you say it took for your friends/you to get a job again after getting fired.

    Also if you don't mind me did you approach the topic when they asked why you were let go?
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    Quote from GrnTea
    No. Since you ask. I've worked with hundreds and hundreds of nurses in my life and can think of fewer than 10 firings, and a couple of those were me . And for every single one of mine, they were the best thing to happen to my career, because every single one was followed by a much better situation and opportunity.

    Being fired is not the end of the world. Steve Jobs got fired from Apple, the company he created, for heaven's sake (they did hire him back later..but if they hadn't fired him there we would have no Pixar). Plenty of very successful people have been fired, not because they were bad or incompetent, but because it wasn't working out for one reason or another. I got fired once because my small hospital closed the nursing ed department to save money and they didn't need a clinical specialist or staff development nurses any more. I lost another job because the company closed the department I was in. I lost another for being a whistleblower. These were over the course of many decades of work, and I own a successful business now (and I work for myself). I wouldn't go tippy-toeing through life being afraid of the possibility. Do your best, learn what you can from every situation, and have a good life.

    Thank you! Very inspiring post
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    I really need to check the dates on these threads before I start posting.
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    I just got fired because my husband wrote an anonymous email to my boss with legitimate complaints about one of my coworkers
  8. by   OrganizedChaos
    The only job I have been fired from is LTC. But the take in & spit out people like nothing. The last nursing home I applied at I should've known better. I had only been a nurse for a year. It seemed from the get go my ADON & DON didn't like me & wanted to get get rid of me. I didn't have much orientation then they threw me on the floor. I would try to ask other nurses questions or for help & I wouldn't get much. I would constantly get called into the ADON's office for counseling or to sign papers. Then finally I was fired.
    But how you ask? Did my DON call me in, talk to me & tell me why and what went wrong? No. A coworker (very cliquey there) called me in & then told me to call her the next day. I CALLED her & she fired me OVER THE PHONE! I bit my tongue. I wanted to give her a verbal lashing but, I didn't.
  9. by   hope3456
    I was also fired over the phone! Actually, it was worded "seek other employment and then give resignation, or it will get ugly.". DON told me that "my coworkers didn't like me" and some other vague statements about my work performance but no specific examples.

    Apparently it is easier for managers to fire someone over the phone than face to face.

    Moral of the story: when work calls do NOT answer the phone. Let it go to voicemail and call them back, if you want.
  10. by   Been there,done that
    I got fired ( the only time) for not smiling enough.

    Basically , it's how your manager feels about you... that determines whether or not you'll get the heave-ho for ANY issue.
  11. by   FutureRNalexandra
    Hello all, maybe you can all help!
    I just started a CNA state job and during orientation I ended up reporting a female CNA who has been there for a long time for (1) squeezing a resident's face, rinsing a resident's perineal area when providing perineal care with a basin of water in the bed, and talking about how ill a resident was, how he is going to die soon and how his wife is in denial of how ill he is in front of him and he was alert, but non verbal.
    At first I just went to the orientation educator, who happened to be a supervisor, and asked her what I should do because all of those things upset me bc I felt that this CNA was not providing good care to her residents and I asked to keep this anonymous and the supervisor said she would, but then a week later after discussing it with the charge nurse she told me that the CNA would figure out that I said something either way and that they were just going to directly speak to her.
    Now, for the past month I have felt that no one is helping me and the CNA that I reported told the charge nurse that I was too slow and talked to the resident's too much and it turns out that this CNA that I reported has been talking bad about me to other CNAs on different shifts and that is why no one is helping me. I found this out because a CNA that was helping me and stayed later was told by someone on a different shift not to help me because I would just go to the supervisors and tell on her.
    Today I went to my charge nurse and they are going to look into this and float me until they figure this out. I feel like I did the right thing, but at the same thing I feel like the charge nurse was aggravated and now Im afraid that this will turn into something even bigger.
    Please help me! Did I do the right thing? Any suggestions?
  12. by   T-Bird78
    I was fired from my very first nursing job. It was in a large cardio office and I was let go during my initial 90-day new hire probation period. I had been licensed 2 weeks. I was the only LPN in the entire organization, it was all RNs and MAs. One of the RNs did not like me because I asked questions and she doesn't like anyone talking while she's working--she'd even move to another station to avoid a particularly chatty MA. I had been assigned to phone triage one week and got a phone call from a pt demanding to speak to her cardio personally; when I told pt the doc was in surgery and not available she screamed at me and hung up. Pt called back, again demanded her cardio, I told the same thing, she demanded we page doc in the OR and have him pick up the phone. I said he's elbow-deep in someone's chest cavity and physically can't, but we could see her in the office with one of our other 9 docs. She screamed at me again and hung up. After a few more calls like that, I asked the head doc in the group, the founder of the practice, and he refused to take the call and told me I was doing the right thing. I told pt, again, to come be seen in office or go to the ER (her BP was elevated) and her doc is at the hospital and would be the one to see her in the ER. She yelled at me again. I was in tears at this point. When she called back (and every time she called she demanded to speak to me by name, refused to leave a message on the line) I asked if any other nurse would talk to her because she was not going to listen to me but would believe it from another source, and pt even asked to speak with someone else. Not a single nurse answered. I told her the same info, she yelled at me and hung up again, then called our main office and filed a formal complaint about me. A week later I got a call to go to the main office, and the RN that didn't like me told me I might want to bring my stuff with me because I might not be coming back. Yep, I was fired, and the RN knew she was going to let me go before I did.
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    Thank you enchantmentdis for your statement, "After 20 years in the business i am beyond hurt and discouraged. " Very well put. My sentiments exactly after 27 years, trying to hang in there until retirement.....