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A little background: I am Chinese American. I live in a university town in the Midwest that is fairly multicultural, but that is also surrounded by farming communities that are generally 100% white and very insulated. I work... Read More

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    I get asked all the time about my religion and my accent. I wear a head covering, so everyone thinks I'm Amish (or Mennonite, or Mormon, or a nun). And, despite being born and raised in the USA, something about my accent leads everyone to think I'm from some other country ( Ireland, England, Sweden, Russia). I always have to assure them I'm not exotic in any way. Most people are very polite, even apologetic, about asking, so it doesn't really bother me to have to explain it over and over.

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    I was born in the suburbs of Chicago, but apparently I have an accent, so I've been told. My favorite response to the where do I come from question....... Earth.

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