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I'm sure there are a million threads on this topic, but I just need to vent a little in the process of getting opinions/advice. So, I "started at the bottom" by becoming a CNA prior to nursing... Read More

  1. by   serenitylove14
    Man to see this from both sides is interesting. Idk whether to take up for the CNAs or the Nurses, lol.

    1. There are nurses who are lazy and instead of answering a call light would rather play on facebook or pintrest.
    2. There are CNAs that do the same thing.

    -It seems its a straight CNA bash fest going on here and maybe this one was in the wrong and some others may have been in the wrong does not mean that there arent totally awesome ones out there.
    -It is not just the CNAs job to make sure that the patients are turned, cleaned, etc. If the patient gets a pressure ulcer, sure blame the CNA, if the patient falls, sure blame to CNA, if the patient dies *J/K* blame the CNA lol. But in all reality anything the CNA does is under your license. Lots of places dont have CNAs and the duties they perform are performed by, whoelse, the Nurse!

    OP. Set clear expectations at the beginning of the shift. You shouldnt have to do their job for them. I also understand not wanting to deal with a toxic personality! Sometimes its just easier to do it on your own. But if the problem persist notify the proper person. Where I use to work that wasnt even enough to get some of the lazy ones to do their jobs. It takes ALOT to get them fired, cursing a pts/ constant complaints/ inappropriate language/ bad attitude/ *hey even talk bad to the manager* it still was not enough to change anything where I worked. If the situation becomes so unbearable maybe decide to leave, but I doubt it would get that bad... Your there for to make money not friends.
  2. by   eatmysoxRN
    OP, be cautious in taking upon yourself such a heavy workload. Although it is easier sometimes and necessary many times, delegation is important so you can do what only you can do. You'll get burnt out quickly if you don't delegate. If your aides don't help, talk to your manager. Continue talking until something gets done. There is a day shift aide on my floor who does pretty much nothing but has actually told another aide that she is there to try to meet a doctor to marry =o wrong place for that! Good luck!

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
  3. by   rn2be73
    not ALL CNAs are lazy but the ones that are make others paint us ALL with the same brush....I have been called the nurse sitting at the desk on facebook while chatting with the unit clerk... because i try to use my energy wisely...when i go to toilet, shower, feed, change, reposition a patient ...i take a look around me at their room...if it needs trash taken out or linen change done or meal tray removed...I DO IT WHILE I AM ALREADY THERE...i work with other cnas that run constantly to do the same calls out...needs brief changed...cna goes in...oh there are no briefs...out to get ONE...back to room...oh there are no wipes...out to get a pkg...back to room...oh i need some chux...out to get ONE....back to room...oh i need some out to desk...wait for help...

    sorry but this is incredibly frustrating to me...however nurses see her running and think " oh what a great aide she is " meanwhile patient is lying in wet or dirty briefs while she gets everything together to do the task...and said aide is named tech of the year..
  4. by   Ntheboat2
    A HUGE part of the problem is that the tone was already set before I came. The "senior" CNA was friends with the other RN before I came. This RN knows she is lazy, and gets annoyed at times also, but she lets things slide....partly because they are friends and partly because "it's easier to just do it" herself. The thing is, this nurse has been a nurse forever so when she "just does it herself" it's not as overwhelming to her because she's been doing it for so long that she can do it easier/faster than I can. She might be irritated at having to do all the tasks by herself, but I get frustrated AND behind in my work because I'm not as good/fast as the senior RN. I NEED a CNA who will step up and help out. Besides, just because someone "can" handle doing everything alone doesn't mean they should have to. Even if I didn't rely on the help, she should be helping. That's what she's there for.

    The other night I was sent to work on a different unit and I had a bigger patient load than I typically have on my home unit. Even though I had more patients (more work) my night went by SO easy because the CNA on the unit I floated to did such a good job. While I was admitting a patient, she was faxing paperwork that has to be faxed, printing out documents, getting an armband ready, etc. It's all really easy stuff (nothing like having to clean up incontinent patients, answer call lights, etc) but it's just a lot of little things that take up time and even though they are "little things" they are VERY important things that HAVE to be done. It was sooo nice being able to focus on the patient without worrying about whether or not the doctor answered his page or if the admission papers got faxed. I knew the CNA was taking care of all those little things and I got to focus on the main task. The CNA job where I work is really more like a secretarial job than anything because there's so little physical labor. I really don't think most of the CNA's can appreciate how "easy" it really is because most of them (if any) have never worked in an acute medical setting where the work is REALLY hard. They'd either get fired or quit within a week, I have no doubt.

    Again, I'm talking about a CNA who literally sits down and reads on her kindle, plays games on it, and takes smoke breaks while I'm doing WORK. I'm not talking about a CNA who is charting at the computer and I'm mistaking her for "sitting on her butt" or a CNA who is never visible because she's inside the patient's rooms helping them. Remember, I was a CNA. I had nurses tell me a couple times that they "had no clue where I was for X amount of time" when in reality I had changed 5 incontinent patients by myself and gotten vital signs on the entire floor.

    GREAT news though! The main CNA (the "senior" CNA) who is the main problem is transferring to a different floor!! I am sooo happy! That sounds horrible, but it's true. The nurse I work with knows how I feel about the current CNA, and I think she regrets creating a monster, so I think whoever we get as a replacement will be a lot better because she won't allow the things she allowed before. Here's to hoping!