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I would like to hear from other nurses about effective ways to handle people who are nasty, have friends who back them up who are also mean, and use the system to make my life a misery at times. I find the trends are changing and... Read More

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    I agree with nurse2033. I am a nursing student, but I used to be a patient care tech. I was bullied a lot. I decided to quit, but after that, I took a leadership class and they discussed this. The options were talk to the person (which you did), go to your unit manager (which you did), go to HR and file a complaint against the person for bullying/harrassment in the workplace (there should be a zero tolerance for this; it is assault and it also affects patient care); and I would discuss this with the person above the unit manager. Just explain the steps you took and tell them you hated to bring it further, but there were no other options. I have learned that this behavior won't stop until you do something about it. Plus, what are going to do job hunt and change units everytime this happens? It happens all the time.

    I am sorry about this and I hope it gets better.

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    Thank you for these. I agree with you that we have to identify people who are just not super friendly vs. someone who is out to get us. In my particular case, I know I'm being bullied but....I was hired at age 54 and my nurse manager had indicated that I was on trial because of my age. For some reason, they do not want to hire someone who is older, which is again discrimination but hard to prove. But I understand why. This work is taxing physically. My nurse manager is a wonderful person. I just don't want to sound like I'm the nut in the situation or that I'm making waves. I have seen that they are dealing with this in some ways and I don't know if it's going to continue. I am hoping that it will stop.

    I passed one of the certification exams that our hospital was requesting. It was a BIG deal to pass it. Some of the more seasoned nurses who have been there for years did not pass. All the nurses who passed received a complimentary congratulatory letter from the leadership on passing sent to all the other nurses. I didn't get one. Time has passed, more people have passed the exam and received this letter sent to all the nurses and I still have not received a letter. Here was an opportunity to show me respect to my peers and they chose not to.

    I believe I mentioned that I was written up. The write up contained so many accusations that it took me several weeks to sort through it all. My supervisors made a public spectacle of me by putting me back on orientation. It was humiliating. The new grads who did not go through this now have it fixed in their heads that I am not worthy of their respect. This spills over in the way they speak to me at times. They are not bold enough to be bullies just sort of a superior attitude, if you know what I mean. It is nothing I could ever report. I mean it sent out a clear message. Turns out that the person who wrote me up was one person, the head nurse of my shift, and the friend of the bully. Nobody else agreed with what she said and said so to the leadership but because of her position, they had to take her allegations seriously. In my mind, most of these accusations were ridiculous. None of them necessitated being written up such as asking a question. As it turns out, the question I had asked was misunderstood. But nevertheless, this is now officially on paper. My mentor told me that no question is a stupid question....yet, here I was being written up because my question was a stupid question. Why am I even being asked about that?

    I seriously do not know what to do about this stuff. It does weigh heavy on my mind all the time. I have worked very hard to get where I am. I dread going to work because I don't know what's coming next. Just when I think everything is great, I am called in again to hear yet another complaint over nothing.
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    I am so sorry. I know what it's like to have a bully at work.... Unfortunately my story is the bully was my former best friend. It's terrible. Have you tried mediation with your manager and the people that are bullying you? I wish you the best. I don't necessarily agree with quitting because then they win at running you off. But if I had an answer for you, I'd feel better about my situation too. Hang in there.
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    You know how the rumor mill is, right? You don't have to sue anyone, just whispier to a not-so-subtle nurse that you are PREPARING to sue, let them see you taking notes by your locker every once in a while... I can guarantee it'll stop everything dead in their tracks.

    This may sound stupid, but it IMMEDIATELY stopped people from bullying my friend's middleschool daughter when she started carrying around a date/time notebook after I told her that the other kids could face jailtime for throwing rocks at her, etc...

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