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Last night a float pool tech ate my lunch and threw away my tupperware containers when he was done. I didn't know about it until it was too late, but I had homemade soup, yogurt, homemade cookies,... Read More

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    Start a paper trail and keep pushing until someone listens. People like this turdburglar get away with this kind of stuff because folks do nothing.
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    Seriously? I love how he thinks the "no name on it" excuse makes it justifiable. I'd report him because theft is theft and if he has so little regard for coworkers I bet he wouldn't hesitate to steal from patients either.
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    #15 4 I'm sorry, but my pregnant butt would have still been at work creating a scene, and complaining about my starving fetus until someone did something about it. lol. This is unacceptable
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    What did you end up eating? I don't think I could go a whole shift without eating anything and I'm NOT pregnant... so I can imagine how upsetting that must have been for you. I get super cranky if I don't eat... hard to function with low blood sugar...

    I think I would have demanded that person to order me lunch or else I would definitely tell their supervisor.
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    That's terrible. And for me I'm so picky over food that I rarely eat homemade food that someone brings in. I rarely participate in pot lucks at work. Unless I know for a fact that the person is super clean and have no pets. Or they don't allow their pets in the kitchen. Not saying you aren't clean but still to eat someone's personal food that you don't know. It makes my skin crawl thinking about it.

    This sounds reportable and especially since he is known to do this. What a jerk.

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    My goodness, he has no boundries to say the least, if he's doing this everywhere he goes. This is an anti-social trait. I wonder what else he's taking from others, and yes this is a fireable offense, its stealing.
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    can't believe that there are people like that, but there really are. In my previous workplace I was warned that there are "rats" who stole food in the fridge so as much as possible we must not store foods in there!I agree...I he should be fired/reprimanded from what he does,,what he did is really unacceptable
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    Ew! Who DOES that? Next time I would make a big inviting Scooby Doo sangwich and put a turd in it or something. I bet he'll never do it again.
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    You should never eat in a restaurant, Doe RN. You do not wanna know what goes on in a lot of the kitchens at some of the restaurants I have worked in.
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    Quote from netglow
    Bring stuff in again but this time with prune juice or something "similar" in the recipe (get where I'm going with this). Sometimes you need to do a little aversion training.
    Make some ex-lax brownies and leave them for this person, a special gift After that experience, he will certainly think twice before eating someone else's food.
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    It's not illegal. HE shouldn't be touching her lunch in the first place.
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    It is theft. He stole your stuff. I would march myself to HR and file charges.
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    If he is browsing the community fridge for meals makes me wonder what else he does. Is he checking coat pockets for change and nick nacks? An unattended purse or bag for unclaimed items?