Ageism in Nursing: A Pervasive Problem - page 6

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Mary stewart, age 62, has worked as a registered nurse on the postpartum unit for the past quarter century. She began her long career in nursing in 1972, with her graduation from a nursing diploma program. Mary is capable,... Read More

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    I work in a small psych hospital on the east coast and have not seen the negativity toward older nurses in the workforce. In fact as long as you do your share of the workload there are no issues toward anyone. I see a different side of some, (not all) of the older nurses.
    They are resistant to change, have a tendency to delegate more of their workload to ancillary staff and have a judgmental attitude toward the patients. I will give an example.One shift, an LPN was working with the two RNs on this articular unit... the LPN was the medication nurse. Instead of assessing a physically ill patient , the RN delegated the LPN to assess the patient and report her findings back to her.
    The RN never looked at the patient. Yet she reported the findings in her am report as if she did. This is not an isolated incident. The RNs spend most of their evening sitting down delegating from the desk , both have seniority.
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