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HerbalGypsy has 7 years experience and specializes in Oncology.

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  1. HerbalGypsy

    Ageism in Nursing: A Pervasive Problem

    Thought provoking article and comments. I have been a nurse for 7 years but I am an older nurse having passed my boards at the age of 55 with and ADN. I am currently in school for my BSN and fairly proficient with technology. I love working with the new graduates who enter the field with enthusiasm and energy. What I am finding is that trying to find a less physically demanding job (9-5 clinic type instead of 12 hour floor shifts) is not happening. There is always a more qualified (younger) applicant. What has happened is that the younger nurse then leaves in less than a year to marry, have children, travel, etc. With the economy the way it is, I see my self working for at least another 5 years and if I can sustain the pace I will stay where I am! I do love sharing what I know on the medical oncology unit I am on and I also love the patients. JZ, I am with you on trying to save the essence of Nursing. We can work where we are and hold on to the light of the lamp;-)
  2. HerbalGypsy

    Nurses in oncology having stillborns

    Nurses who are pregnant are not allowed to handle chemotherapy on our unit. They just have to let management know as soon as they know themselves.
  3. HerbalGypsy

    Looking for some advice!! RN working onc for the 1st time

    Join ONS. They provide an amazing journal and great opportunities for leaning.
  4. HerbalGypsy

    Saline flushes causing nausea for my patients

    I've been working in medical-oncology for almost 5 years and have found this to be quite common with central lines. Sometimes flushing slowly has been effective, but I will often tell patients to pretend they are at the ocean at low tide:lol2: A little laughter goes a long way.
  5. HerbalGypsy

    My sister is on life support

    I am so sorry for you and all those who love your sister. May you find solace in the love she shares with all of you, here and there.:heartbeat
  6. HerbalGypsy

    An astounding lack of diversity in nursing

    Hi All, I am sure this was stated previously, geographical location impacts the diversity of the schools and hospitals. I attended a Community College to obtain my Associates degree and was one of 6 caucasian in a class of 32. The number of males was smaller, only 4. We came from many countries. Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ethiopia, the Carribean Islands, Russia, and various Asian countries. I am currently working in a DC hospital and the employee population is equally diverse. it is my understanding that we need more instructors to be able to increase the number of nursing students. And I feel we also need to think more of ourselves and to convey the excitement that led us into nursing to our young people. Look for Career Days at local high schools and volunteer to speak. I know how exhausted we are, but it is important to improve the image of nursing. It is an ongoing challenge, but I know nurses are up to it. Peace to all
  7. HerbalGypsy

    So, why Oncology?

    Oncology nursing from the start! Lost a sister along time ago, to something "like leukemia". Always wanted to support others in similar circumstances. It is so very rewarding. We have many who come through the chemo, and come back to visit. I hardly recognized them with hair:lol2: Compassion is the first requisite. Vigilence is another. I feel that oncology nursing provides a outlet for how I have always thought of nursing: as a professional, caring, healing invironment. Just my thoughts, not so profound.
  8. HerbalGypsy

    Chemo temperatures

    I have been on a Med/Onc floor for 18 months. I became chemo certified 4 months ago. Most of the chemo that comes to the floor is placed in a refrigerator until it is time to dispense. Some are non-refridgerated. My question is about whether the refrigerated meds should be taken out prior to administration and if so for how long. I am not sure where to look in the literature. I will talk to pharmacy about it as well, but I was wondering what other, more experienced practitioners have to say. Thanks
  9. HerbalGypsy

    New Grad Oncology Fellowship-Yikes!

    Hi Dawn, We may get to know each other! I was also just hired as a new grad at a magnet hospital and I have a July start date. I am looking forward with great anticipation and trepedation to working in oncology. It has been a dream of mine since I was very young. I am glad to have the opportunity for the guidance provided by the program. I would not want to hit the floor running in this field. I have no idea what it means to work swing shift work by I will learn I still have to get my DC license. I have one from another state that has reciprosity. Peace.
  10. HerbalGypsy

    "Cheat Sheets"

    Hi All, As a relatively new grad (Dec04) I am seeking to design a "brain" for use on a med oncology floor. (hopefuuly) Pt load is 5:1. I used a variety of styles as a student, but not one that I found really workable. Can anyone direct me to the previous discussions?
  11. HerbalGypsy

    dec grads, when r u taking the nclex?

    NCCLEXI took the test Feb 14. It shut off after 75 questions. I thought I had failed. I had alot of the alternative style questions. The type where you must select all of the correct answers or it is wrong. I took the Kaplan as well as used the Saunders. What truly helps the most is the rationales. Bottom line...I passed. :yelclap: I cannot believe that I have come so far. Good Luck to All. Try to control the stress!