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Hey everyone. I would just like to know if it is ok to work as a nurse as an african american and do many do it? Are there any drawbacks to this or will everything be alright? I thank you for all... Read More

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    Daniel, I'm curious (like a previous poster asked) about what or who is making you question whether you should do nursing as a black male? Did someone say something to you? I'm a 23 year old AA female and I've never had any issues (well, I graduate Saturday so I haven't worked yet as an Actual RN) but I work as a nurse tech in Houston where there are TONS Of AA female nurses. But there is not a lot of AA male nurses....that's just a fact. So I think you would be a GREAT asset to the profession, especially representing AA men in a more positive light (unlike the media most of the time). I have a good friend, who is a black 23 year old guy, who graduated last May with his BSN and got a job straight in the Neuro ICU. He LOVES it and I'm sure if anyone had anything negative to say to him, he'd probably give them a funny look and laugh all the way to the bank with his *nice* paycheck he makes. Haters are always trying to ruin your goals, when in reality they wish they could be where you are. Tip: just don't slack off in your classes...strive for As, apply to many schools, and stay focused. You will rock it!!! Good luck to you and feel free to ask me for help anytime!
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    The first unit I worked on as a new nurse was practically all African- or Carribean-American staffed (lots of nurses from Haiti, Trinidad and the like). I was usually the only white nurse on the floor during the day, but whatever; we all worked our butts off


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