New Grad Job Market in North Dakota

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    Hello! I'm a new graduate RN and have been searching for my first RN job since I graduated in May of this year. I've applied in just about every single state with not much luck so far, and I'm starting to get extremely frustrated. How will I ever find a place that is willing to give a new grad a chance? I've heard a lot about how North Dakota has a strong market for new grads, but I've applied to around 4 positions there and have never received any kind of response. Is it something I'm doing wrong (I am out of state, but do have a compact state license), or is the job market there not quite as good as everyone says it is?
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    I think what is going on is that they want you to have a place to stay first. Even some of the oil field jobs are like this because it is hard to find an apartment, and expensive. New apartments start at 2000 or so. That's for a one bedroom. In the oil field they are scrambling for nurses, in the clinics and hospitals. I'm sure home care is desperate. Now that's the oil field...tioga, watford city, williston...not sure about the rest of the state.
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    Thanks so much for the response jillzrn!! I'm mainly looking at Bismarck, Minot, and Fargo for jobs as I've heard the housing situation is a nightmare in the oil field areas. I would love to be able to move before having a job to show them I'm serious about it, but I just can't afford to move without having a job set up already. Hopefully something will come along eventually.
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    I know you posted awhile ago but I thought I would leave a comment just in case you are still looking. The job market for new grads is great in North Dakota! I work at St. Alexius in Bismarck and we hire new grads into all specialties except ER! Make sure when you are applying you are looking for and applying under the New Graduate nursing positions,that is how our hospitals posts them! Housing can be difficult to find but not impossible. The nurse recruiters can help you find housing. I came from out of state and found a great apartment!