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Observation, Telemetry, Stroke
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Juntra has 2 years experience and specializes in Observation, Telemetry, Stroke.

I've worked in the observation unit, and then the telemetry/stroke unit for 2 years.

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  1. Juntra

    So, tell me about Minot

    You could always apply to Sanford, burtis. They seem to contact you relatively quick once you send in an application... like within a week or so.
  2. Juntra

    Phone interview

    I was hoping for Minneapolis, Rochester or Green Bay, but..... I think I can find some good in Fargo.
  3. Juntra

    So, tell me about Minot

    Yeah, I am moving out there. Just made the decision a few days ago. Not Bismarck though. Goin' to Fargo. Should be there next week!
  4. Juntra

    Phone interview

    "Why ND?" I'm glad they liked your answer, burtis. I wonder if they ever believed mine, "It's my dream to live in the Midwest." Which is kinda true, since I have been fantasizing about that quite often ever since I graduated college.
  5. Juntra

    So, tell me about Minot

    In the negatives...! Hoo, I am not sure how I'm gonna handle my very first North Dakota winter without even visiting this state before deciding to move there. I don't think I have an idea of what I'm getting myself into. And there's the wind chill...
  6. Juntra

    Bismarck ND RN-BSN Programs

    Well, I don't know if you found these yet, but looks like there's only two places that offer BSNs in Bismarck: University of Mary and Sanford College of Nursing. I am not sure about the out-of-state tuition, but usually if you're from out-of-state, it's a lot more expensive.
  7. Oh, I just saw this post after replying to your other one. I also want to say, I think you have an excellent chance at being hired in ND! I don't have much experience working in a healthcare setting, other than caring for an Alzheimer's client at her home and the RN-BSN, BLS, ACLS, PALS, NRP stuff. I got hired for a couple of positions after some phone interviews! You're really lucky you have relatives in that state though!
  8. Juntra

    Phone interview

    Since you have a phone interview, I am assuming you live far away! I, too, had a whole list pulled up in front of me full of answers to common interview questions. I also had a bunch of questions ready to ask them sitting in front of me too. Since I was far away, one of the first questions interviewers liked to ask me was, "Why North Dakota?" After talking to a few interviewers, I've been told that the entire state of North Dakota are short-staffed. They "cannot seem to find enough people with the right skill-sets." Oh yes, and do sound happy and excited! Make sure to show them you're really interested and be sure to know stuff about their facility! There's gonna be some challenging questions, but just be truthful. Good luck!
  9. Juntra

    New Graduate RN,BSN NO JOBS 10/15/14

    Yeah, it's definitely tough in California. I kept my options wide open. I have my RN BSN, but I have no experience outside of nursing school, except for a job that's pretty much home care for one client. I graduated in December 2012 but didn't pass my boards until June 2014! I applied all over the state of California, and I haven't heard from a single hospital. I tried acute care and I tried SNFs. I applied to a couple of other states outside of California and I got an interview within a week or two and a job offer very shortly after that. I plan to work in a different state, far away from home, for about a year or two before I intend to come back and look for a job back home in California. If you can afford to move and work out-of-state, it's a great idea!
  10. Juntra

    Wyoming Behavioral Institute

    Thank you, hope3456. I like knowing they are hoping for my help.
  11. Juntra

    Cedars-Sinai New Grad Residency - March 2015

    I found out the application opened up yesterday. I found out by calling the nursing recruitment. I was so happy they told me they posted it yesterday. They said they'll take the posting down once they receive 120 applications. I felt lucky to have applied, and I checked the website a few hours later, and wow, the application was no longer available. I got an email this morning telling me that I wasn't chosen. I'm a little sad, but I know that Cedars is a really prestigious place. I'm going to keep searching for a job in California, but it's nice to know I have an RN job waiting for me all the way in North Dakota. Good luck to everyone else!
  12. Thank you, Angelica~ That was the same exact idea I had in mind. My biggest worry is not having more opportunities open to me when I come back to California....if I start off with psych. So med/surg it is!
  13. Juntra

    psych nursing in CA new grad opportunities

    Is this true that psych RNs are in demand in California? I'm a new grad and I would love to start my career with psych within my state, particularly in southern California! But I have a feeling it's still going to be just as hard to find a job anywhere in CA, just because CA isn't very new grad friendly...
  14. Thank you for your input, sourapril. That was the exact idea I have planned.
  15. Juntra

    Wyoming Behavioral Institute

    I hope so too. I found a post with a little information on tthe place, so that is better than nothing at all.
  16. I think I have pretty much decided to go for the acute care job in North Dakota. While I wait, I am still searching for jobs here in Southern California in hopes that I don't have to move so far away from home. Hopefully something in California will come up, as small as the chances are! Thank you so much for all your input! I really appreciate you helping me with my decision.

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