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A few weeks ago someone posted some info about Minot hiring nurses. I can't seem to find the post and was wondering if anyone recalls the name of the staffing agency to contact. I'm interested in... Read More

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    I am interested in applying to Trinity in Minot, ND. However, I am tied to an RN-to-BSN program until May 2013. I am not part of a compact state, so I would need to get my ND nursing license.

    Just a few questions,

    1) For those of you who have received offers, did you apply directly to positions you were interested in online or did you speak to a recruiter first?

    2) If you spoke to a recruiter, do you have their contact information? Did you find it on their website?

    3) How far in advance did you apply for a job? For instance, if I could not start until late May/June 2013, when should I apply or contact them?

    4) Since I am not in a compact state, would you advise me to get my endorsed ND license first (will cost me about $130) ? Will this help my chances of getting hired? Or, should I apply or call recruiters first and let them know I plan to get it.

    5) Any other advice?

    You can either answer these questions on here or private message me. Thanks!

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    Hi RNnurse84,

    it's really hard to find a house or an apartment. I've been calling almost everyday to different apartment agents but no luck yet.
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    Quote from RNnurse84
    I was offered $21.25, with $1000 relocation and $3000 sign on bonus
    Same here...
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    I tried checking on Craigslist, and its so expensive to rent houses alone, cuz all my income would just go to rent which is so not worth it. 1 more month to keep trying
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    Quote from RNnurse84
    I tried checking on Craigslist, and its so expensive to rent houses alone, cuz all my income would just go to rent which is so not worth it. 1 more month to keep trying
    Good luck trying to find housing! Rent in Minot is very, very expensive, especially if you are trying to do it alone.
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    Minot, due to the Bakken Shale Formation, is one of the job epicenters of the country right now. Tons of people are moving there for work, and the city/county management has resisted attempts to expand housing because they feel that this is just an oil bubble and it will burst; they think after it bursts people will pack up and go, leaving empty housing behind. The city is an absolute mess right now...it's growing by leaps and bounds, but the city will not build the infrastructure to support these people. Consequently, huge camps of RVs sprung up (these were nicknamed "man camps"! Minot is definitely the place to be if you're a single woman!) as a last resort. However, Minot wasn't happy about that, and they've been talking about banning living in RVs. I think they may have already passed that law, but I'm not sure. No idea where those people are supposed to go now.

    It's so bad that someone actually had to write an article imploring people not to live in their cars during the winter.
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    Hi everyone. I just received a phone call from the nurse recruiter to schedule an interview. If anyone has any interview tips please feel free to share. I will have a phone interview sometime next week. Thanks in advance!
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    I wouldn't be worrying about the interview. I would be worrying as to whether I would have any actual place to live in North Dakota.
    Good luck.

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