anyone working in Williston, ND??

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    i'm contemplating moving to williston from indiana with my husband so that we can save some money back and pay off bills etc. thinking about doing it for a couple of years and then coming back to indiana. wondering if anyone works there or any details??? any info would be appreciated

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    I don't but I know people that do. Wages are high but it is hard to find housing.
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    Nursing wages are not high at all. And the hospitals there are severely understaffed while patient census has shot up.
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    Housing is almost non-existent. A friend is making all kinds of money but living in a garage with about six other guys. Crime, while still low, is increasing.
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    my husband works for a company that provides housing. like a dorm i think. i was wondering about the conditions out there. wondered if it really wasnt worth the money. sounds too good to be true......
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    does your friend work for the hospital or doctor's office or clinic?
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    No -oilfields
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    Hey! I'm working in Williston, ND. Housing is a huge challenge. Wages do not accurately reflect the current cost of living of the town. Hospital has several open positions however and they hire new grads. PM me for any other questions 😀
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    A friend of mine just called to say that they were paying CNAs $50/hr. I find that hard to believe, but a few years back there were rumors of nurses making huge bucks in Alaska for short-term assignments. Just curious but how much are nurses making in this town? Thanks.
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    I am also considering applying for an ER RN position at Mercy Medical in Williston. Just wondering what it's like and if it's too crazy.

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