1. Anyone applying for the ABSN program at Winston-Salem State University this year? Just wondering if there were others out there who would be in the same boat.

    Has anyone heard of funding this year?

    Does anyone know how they rank applicants?

    Thanks and Good Luck to all!
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  3. by   3k0rb
    Hello! I'm planning on applying to the 2014 class. Just got to finish up this 5 week micro class first

    I haven't heard anything about funding. As far as I know that's pretty much out the window except for maybe a select few.

    I've researched past posts on here and can't really tell how they rank applicants. Some people with all A's in prereqs and high GPAs didn't get in while some with less credentials did get in.

    Are you from around the area? What was your major? I am a former WSSU student with a major in Business Admin.

    Good luck everyone!
  4. by   bribri03407
    Hello!! I am also applying for the 2014 cohort. I'm finishing up two of my prerequisites now I have bot heard anything about the funding but I was looking at the posts from applicants who applied for the 2013 cohort and it is extremely difficult to see how they accept applicants. I'm just going to apply early and hope and pray I get accepted!! I went to FSU and NSU and currently live in Charlotte and will be commuting.

    Good Luck to you~
  5. by   nathanielbguy
    Hey! Yes, I too have read the threads of people with high GPAs and A's being rejected. I am currently a middle school science teacher with a BS from Appalachian State University. I like in the W-S area. I do have A's in the prereqs and a great GPA, so I am hoping for the best. I also wish we knew more about the set-up of the program (what schedules would look like, etc). Are you planning to work at all during the program? I hope we at least have a chance at some funding. I wonder if we will be able to apply for any other scholarships. Look forward to hearing more from you!
  6. by   nathanielbguy
    Have you considered the program at Queens in Charlotte? It might be closer. I don't know much about it except that they have an ABSN program that is 12 months. I live a little far from Charlotte to consider that. It could possibly be a back-up plan but a long commute. I'm hoping for the best.
  7. by   canopyglow

    I just started a thread on this topic because I didn't realize there was one already started:/ Anyway, I will be applying as well. I am a Winston Salem resident, and I talked to someone in admissions, and they told me to not even bother applying because I have two prerequisites to finish this Fall, but I decided I will apply anyway since my grades/GPA are pretty good. What do you all think? Should I really not bother applying? Also, do you think the SAT scores are a true requirement? Seems pretty weird to me, especially since we already have degrees.
  8. by   bribri03407
    Hey everyone!

    Nathanielbguy, I have considered Queens unfortunately $44,00 compared to Winston's $13,000 seems to good to pass up. I'm applying to both nonetheless. Its the commute and being able to work that I am worried about. I know they recommend not working but I have to so I'm unsure on that aspect. My friend had a son and worked while in nursing school at FSU, but then again it wasn't an accelerated program. Canopyglow, I wouldn't say not to apply but being in a pre-requisite does not make you as competitive and that is just what was told to me and people I know. I mean I busted my butt this summer to complete 4 of my pre-reqs for that reason alone. But hey, you never know. I say apply anyway it could work in your favor!
  9. by   3k0rb
    I am hoping to still be able to work on a limited basis but it depends on how the classes are scheduled.

    Canopyglow- I would say that you probably have a slimmer chance of getting in based on the fact you have 2 prereqs to complete, but it wouldn't hurt to apply. Worst that happens is they say no and you apply for the next batch.

    Regarding the SAT scores, how do we even get a copy of our scores? Shouldn't they be on our college/high school transcripts? I checked online through the SAT website and you have to pay like $30 bucks to retrieve old scores and it will take a while for them to reach you in the mail. How are you guys going about getting your scores?
  10. by   bribri03407
    They are on your college transcripts.
  11. by   ddwillard
    I'm currently in the program, set to finish up in February and thought I would give you some advice! We had around 300 applicants, they accepted 60, and only 45 showed up to orientation. Only 16 of us were able to receive funding from Baptist and 10 of us got the Robert Wood Johnson Scholarship for $10,000. I highly recommend applying for that! The application came with our acceptance letter and was due in December. Save up as much money as possible as you can right now! There are only about 4 of us still working in the program and it's rough and very part-time! The schedule is pretty intense and crazy but we have become a very tight group. Look forward to meeting some of you next year!

    Oh, and BriBri, we have 1 class member who commutes from Charlotte!
  12. by   ErinJane1
    I am also in the problem right now. Although the classes are tough and most of the instructors are nice, the university is a pain to deal with. It seems like every time we turn around something with financial aid or something messes up. So, make sure you are fully prepared to deal with the stress of the program and all the crap from the school. Lots of stress so if you freak out easily, make sure you have a back up school.
  13. by   canopyglow
    I've heard similar things from several other students in different departments, but I guess it's worth it since the program is pretty low cost, even if you don't receive funding. Thanks for the fair warning though!
  14. by   fowlerj
    Can anybody tell me more about what the schedule is like? I have talked to another girl interested in the program and a coordinator for the ABSN program and they both told me that you would have class Monday-Sunday????? I really want to do this program since I already have a bachelors and don't want to spend 2 years to get an ADN... I am looking to apply for Fall 2015 and would really appreciate any responses! Thanks so much!!