UNC Chapel Hill deadline changed for May 2010

  1. I am waiting to hear back for Spring 2010 admission to UNC-Chapel Hill and got an email that there is a new earlier deadline for the May 2010 entry- December 22, 2009. So depressing to already get re-applying info when you haven't heard back yet. Why, oh why is this school not easier to get into?

    The email said Spring 2010 applicants would hear toward mid-November. This sounds like an unbelievably short amount of time to accept their offer and line up financial aid. I have been accepted at Duke and have to line up loans for that if Carolina doesn't offer me admission. I hope one month is enough time.
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  3. by   rubypie
    I imagine they are prepared for the time crunch for the attending students to apply for financial aid so quick after hearing about admittance. They have "their way" and it works for them. Doesn't seem rational to us though I guess. I got the email too. I decided to finish out my pre reqs in the Spring (even if it is going to be hectic) rather than dragging it out into Summer so I can apply for UNC and Duke at the same time. Keep us posted! Stinks you have to keep waiting!

    PS: You had to take the GRE for Duke right? Was it hard?
  4. by   ICU11
    Honestly, I was not prepared for the GRE. I took it one month after giving birth to my third baby. I did well and far above what I needed for the program. I am glad I did not let taking the GRE prevent me from applying. I honestly think GPA is the biggest factor for Duke and being well-spoken about your desire to be a nurse/go to Duke in your essay and interview.

    Good luck in your prereqs. Hopefully we will both unknowingly pass each other at Carrington Hall at UNC or at Duke soon.
  5. by   NYCGyrl
    I am also anxiously awaiting notification! I was accepted to Wake Tech and I'm rushing to take care of their requirements so I can't imagine how rushed I will be if accepted to UNC. Best of luck to all!
  6. by   CRNA1906
    Just make life so much easier and come to Duke. I'm telling you, you won't regret it. I love Duke's program!!!!!!
  7. by   rubypie
    Quote from CRNA1906
    Just make life so much easier and come to Duke. I'm telling you, you won't regret it. I love Duke's program!!!!!!
    that's all i needed to hear! i'm going to their info session tonight. duke duke duke is on my mind!!
  8. by   ICU11
    CRNA 1906- Duke's program IS wonderful. Just worried about the cost- I want to go back to grad school eventually. I am worried about paying on the private loans when I go. Otherwise I would have already memorized the fight song.

    Rubypie- Did you just fall in love with Duke? Everyone is so nice!

    NYCGyrl- POST if you hear from UNC!
  9. by   rubypie
    yep session was great, made me so nervous but excited. found out they may be doing away w/ the GRE requirement. i find out on mon and if so, i will be so relieved i don't have to study for it!
  10. by   ICU11
    Rubypie- Yay! I am excited for you. I am not surprised about the GRE requirement- I heard GRE scores from low to high from accepted students, so I didn't think it was a huge factor to begin with-
  11. by   ICU11
    NYCGyrl- I got my letter today! I got accepted to Carolina's ABSN program!
  12. by   rubypie
    YAYYYYYYYYYYYY momofthreeboys! now, just how will you make that decision b/t duke and unc?? keep us posted! so happy for you!
  13. by   NYCGyrl
    WooooHooooooo!!!!! :-) Congratulations! I am so glad you made it! I ran to my box today because I haven't checked in a few days but no news for me yet. I applied for the BSN so maybe they did the ABSN program first. LOL, I'm making up excuses to ease my worried mind! I'll let you know what happens...even if I don't get in! Keep your fingers crossed for me. Which school will you attend?? Congrats again!
  14. by   C2CNurse
    Long-time reader, first time posting.

    Congratulations, momofthreeboys. I know of someone that received their letter on Saturday confirming an offer to the nursing program there. They, too, applied to the ABSN program.

    NYCGyrl, I applied to the regular two-year program, not the ABSN. I have not received a reply yet. So, maybe that helps put some anxiety to rest. From what I understand, all applicants should receive their reply by next week, depending on where you are in the country. It could mean that if UNC does not send out letters for the BSN applicants till Monday, if you live across country, it may not be till the following week you get notified.

    I do know that the first words on the acceptance letter is "Congratulations!" Hope yours, and mine, says that too.

    Enjoy the program, momofthreeboys! And get started on the immunizations right away, if you haven't already.