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Salary for Homecare RN

  1. 0 Does anyone know what Home Health RN's salary starts in NC?
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    There are only a couple left in my area that pay hourly. They start new RNs at $25 hour. Most are changing to per visit which is $30 for a regular visit, $45 for a recertification and $60 for an admission. This is the Fayetteville area.
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    Could either of you recommend any home health agencies in Raleigh/ Garner/ Smithfield area for an RN with experience? Any information would be greatly appreciated
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    i have been a HH nurse for almost 7 years. i am paid per visit and you definitely make more money this way rather than hourly. most places pay $35 for a routine visit, $65 for a recertification visit and $75 for an admisison visit. most people average 7-8 visits a day. i was paid hourly when i first started and was only paid $25/hour (although that was 7 years ago) there was no incentive for me to bust my butt to see as many people as possible. now being per visit the more i see the more i make....but on the other hand, no work = no pay. there are ebbs and flow with census and its usually feast or famine, but it averages out to 60-70/year.
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    oh and i work for advanced home care, i think they have a branch in that area. ive been with a couple of agencies and they are all basically the same
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    At my agency it depends on your level of education/certifications and years of experience.
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    Worked for Maxim for a brief stint in 2011 (in the Eastern part of the state). Pay was $20/ hr.
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    can anyone else recommend any home care agencies? And are they all paying per visit in NC? This is different for me. I'll be moving from CT and I'm paid hourly.
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    I am a huge advocate for, and very passionate about home healthcare. Love the care that the patients receive and the attention and appropriate care the nurses able to provide. There are many areas of home healthcare. I too, worked at Maxim Healthcare. This was my first home health position!! I started in the home with a 4 year old, critically ill little girl. The bond and nursing skills experience I was able to receive in the home far outweighed what I have ever received in a facility. In the home you are the whole entire hospital for this 1 patient, you are the doctor, nurse, CNA, respiratory therapist, nutritionist, psychologist and best friend!! the pay is not great but the rewards are very satisfying. I brought home way more than I ever did in the hospital working home health. Not long after becoming a nurse in the home was I promoted to clinical supervisor within the office. I love every bit of home health nursing. If you like providing holistic care then home health is the job for you!! advanced home care and PSA both have very reputable names and pay pretty well for home healthcare. good luck and keep us informed :-)
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    I , too, do HH and I love it! I am currently an LPN and work for Maxim in East TN. I make $18.50 an hour currently. I am in school for my RN and when I finish I am moving back to NC. I am really considering transferring thru Maxim to a position over there.