Pitt County Memorial Hospital (now Vidant Medical Center)

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    Does anyone work there or know anyone who does? Know anything about the facility? Would you recommend working there?

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    HI, I haven't worked there but I shadowed in the ICU twice (the surgical and the medical one), I also shadowed in the high risk women and childrens center. I was going to work there but I coudln't move out of the county at the time due to family issues. I have friends that work there presently and everything I have heard from them is very positive. I loved the facility...it is huge...I have never seen one so huge before (and I have lived in a lot of different places...many states and even another country). It is a huge teaching facility and I think it makes it nice because they are used to people coming and going due to that, so they are more open to new people and don't expect everyone to know exactly where everything is or how everything is done right from the start the way some smaller facilities might, due to them having had the same people there forever. One of my friends works in the neuro area, and she said the latest she ever gets out is at 730 pm (12 hr shifts). Where I work, I sometimes don't get out until 8:30 or 9 pm (her and i both graduated last may). I know in the ortho unit last year when I was hired, everyone was in pods, and you had a ratio of 1 to 4..the patients rooms were all directly in front of your desk..they all had telemetry moniters. It was nice...but I was a student still and of course if I shadowed today there might be other things I would notice now that I didn't notice then. They have a good relocation program..where they will often pay you to move all your stuff. Also they have an excellent relocation specialist, Kelly Kubrock. She was so incredibly helpful for me, as I am a single parent of 2 kids, and the schools were important to me. Where are you from/considering moving from?
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    I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply....
    Thank you kindly for that useful information! I appreciate it.
    I live a little west of Winston-Salem, NC.
    I'm disappointed I haven't found employment yet, as I am long past ready to move
    Again, thank you bunches!!
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    So sorry to hear that RNBSNGRADUATE . I am trying to find a job too but unfortuantely there is none available. I am so depressed.
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    Don't be depressed Keep your chin up I'm sad that it isn't happening as quickly as I'd prefer, but I can feel it in my bones that it's finally going 2 happen It's been my dream 2 live @ the beach for 20 yrs now...& things have never been so aligned as they are right now for me...the only hold up is the job I may overlook that @ some point, risk it & move anyway & let the cards fall -- we'll see!
    BEST of luck to you on your search!!! Stay encouraged
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    I was at PCMH about three weeks ago for shadowing in MIU. I loved it there. It's huge facility. I asked people working there and all i heard was positive feedback. I will be moving to Greenville in a month. I am excited to start orientation there. Ratio is 1:4, and almost everything that you need is within your area (they call pod). Everyone's nice too.
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    I sent you a PM! I have an interview with PCMH coming up and wondering about the process. Thanks!
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    Sorry took long to reply. Can't do PM, have not reached the qouta. Igot your message though, just couldn't reply. If you want, PM me your email address then I could give you info.
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    I just sent you my email via PM. Thanks!
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    I'm interviewing with PCMH this upcoming Wed, and I am so nervous! I'm a homemaker and haven't interviewed in years. Any advice?

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