New Grad RN Pay In Greensboro/Winston-Salem area? New Grad RN Pay In Greensboro/Winston-Salem area? | allnurses

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New Grad RN Pay In Greensboro/Winston-Salem area?

  1. 0 Hello! Tried to find this on the site but had no luck with recent info.

    Can anyone tell me what the new grad salaries are in Greensboro and/or Winston-Salem? Or even if you've had a few years of experience?

    Just want to make sure I'm making a good decision to move to NC for school and have at least a decent salary upon graduating in 2 years (compared to CA, where I know salaries are high, but getting that job difficult, not to mention high cost of living).

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    I ended up contacting a nurse recruiter at one of the big hospitals in the area and found out that new grad RN's make about $35K a year, based on working an average of about 31 hours a week. Hopes this helps others that might be wondering what the REAL wages are, and not based on salary calculators on the web which tend to be over inflated, in my experience searching.

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    That's insane. The pay is considerably better in the RTP area and/or larger hospitals (Duke, UNC, WakeForest).
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    It's pretty bad, bad enough that it is definitely making me think thrice (lol) about going to school in Greensboro (NCAT).. My husband and I did fly out last March to the Raleigh area and I did attend an info session at UNC Chapel Hill and loved the school. I may still apply for the Jan start term, but not sure. I'm still waiting to hear on a couple other schools still.

    But jeez, 34K?
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    P.S. that was Wake Health that told me how much new grads make...
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    That's about right, $21 an hour for 31 hours. But, that doesn't include the shift diff. Moses Cone shows there rate at 21.85 I think, about the same as Wake Forest. For a new RN, that is what I was expecting, but i am hoping on at least 4-5 dollars and hour shift diff for nights.
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    OK, That is just wrong....I'm a new grad, novant healthcare which owns many major hospitals (like Forsyth) and some smaller ones pays better than that. It's $21.00 an hour, $4.00 an hour shift diff for nights. Avg. is 36 hrs a week, or 3, 12hr shifts. With premium pay for working weekends. your can make $60,000 a year working weekends and nights.
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    I just want to add they increased their pay rate to 21.42 an hour.
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    When I was in school (graduated 2008) we were told that Baptist and Novant had an agreement that kept their basic pay rate similar. Whether that is true or not I'm not sure, but there wasn't much difference in my classmates that went to either one. Moving to Raliegh or Charlotte you may make more but cost of living and traffic may eat it some of that up. Cone Health shiff diff is $4/hr with avg of 36 hr/wk (3-12 hr). I have no idea where someone came up with 31 hrs/wk for any of the hospitals! Premium pay for weekends is essentially work Sat & Sun and 1 more 12 hr shift during the 2 week pay period and get paid for 40 hrs/wk. Now you can only take 8 weekend days off per year or you can lose your weekend position. During high census times we usually have the ability to work overtime also. BTW I took anything a nurse recruitor told me with a grain of salt depending on what they were trying to accomplish.
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    Actually premium pay was not getting paid for 40hrs. We got WAG also called ANT at some of the hospitals in the system, the pay was more like an extra $5.25 an hr. for working weekends. With a Base of $21.42 and $4.00hr for nights shift diff for a new grad.
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    Thank you guys for posting this! I'm sure it's to change in the two years until I graduate, but this is nice to know!

    Do you guys know if the difference in pay also depends on BSN or ADN?
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    At Forsyth in Winston-Salem, new grads (regardless of ADN or BSN) get $21.50 plus $4 nights. Weekend pay is an extra $1.25 or $1.50 (can't remember).
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    Quote from SnickerSnacker
    At Forsyth in Winston-Salem, new grads (regardless of ADN or BSN) get $21.50 plus $4 nights. Weekend pay is an extra $1.25 or $1.50 (can't remember).
    Thank you!